“Mohawk Funk” Natural Updo from Ebony Curtis

Salon: A Lady Becoming Salon
Stylist: Ebony Curtis
Model: Kamari
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Kid’s hairstyles are clearly very trendy today. One of the fresh new looks for kid’s black hairstyles is the natural updo’s that you see rocking the hair shows or even in the neighborhood. Certainly, kid’s love to look fashionable, especially the girls. Now, this is not the hairstyle that Mr T wore in the 80s or rock bands sported in the 90s. This innovative Native American hairstyle is due for an update with a purely natural twist. Check out this beautiful natural hairstyle that was created by Ebony Curtis from A Lady Becoming Salon in Laurel, MD.

Natural Updo Black Hairstyles
This Mohawk Funk is one of those natural black hairstyles or kid’s hairstyles that is easy to maintain with a few styling tools and the right products. This is actually a modified Mohawk. Hair is not trimmed or shaved on the sides. It is easier than you might think to create the style at home. However, it is suggested that you take your little darlings to the professionals to really get a healthy, shiny, great look. The stylist will give you a few tips to maintain the look at home. Still, those that prefer to give it a try, should collect the right styling tools. The tools should include a wide tooth comb, hair pick, clips, styling gel or shaping gel, hair sheen. Here are the instructions for the Mohawk Funk Natural Updo.

-Step One – Make sure that the hair is properly shampooed and conditioned. Simply use favorite products that are especially designed for kid’s hairstyles.

-Step Two- Generously apply the styling gel or shaping gel to the hair. Work the product in thoroughly.

-Step Three – Take the wide tooth comb or the hair pick and gently comb the hair in the back, top, and on the sides toward the center, forming the Mohawk look. Take the hair clips and arrange them to hold the hair firmly in place. Give the style a jazzy look by pulling sections and clipping.separately Make sure that the clips do not show.

-Step Four – Take the wide tooth comb or the hair pick and gently arrange the hair attractively in the center to make it full and cover the clips. Add a bit more styling gel or shaping gel, if desired. Spray with conditioning, hair sheen. This is a good look for the little girl with short to medium length hair. Styling and maintenance might be a problem for those with very long hair.

Black hairstyles are all about innovation and creativity. Especially, natural updo’s and kid’s hairstyles. Like this cute look? Contact Ebony Curtis from A Lady Becoming Salon in Laurel, MD. Phone number (757) 234-1094.

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