Natural Flat Ironed Hairstyle with Color from Ashley Tolbert

This Natural Flat Ironed Hairstyle with Color from stylist Ashley Tolbert combines the softness of a down-do with playful curls and a smart, professional flair to achieve a practical yet elegant style that meets the demands of both work and play. Stay classy no matter your lifestyle or daily routine!  

Like so many of the best styles out there, Ashley’s Natural Flat Ironed Hairstyle is simple and direct in its design, allowing for greater adaptability to any lifestyle, even your busiest and most active, all while staying as classy and alluringly feminine as a string of pearls. The side parting frames the face with a gentle cascade of soft curl, just enough to give shape and accentuate a subtle but lively bounce, while loose ringlet ends fill out the style’s body and carry a sense of timeless glamour.  

Salon: A Queen Coiffure
Stylist: Ashley Tolbert
Model: Tamara
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

A splash of color adds a final flare, giving you the option to highlight your existing color for a smooth, accented blend, or add a burst of playful attitude with something a little more wild. Whether you choose to keep it classy with traditional highlights or go for a fierce little bite of color, your inner femme fatale will no doubt shine, catching the attention you deserve and complimenting your uniquely sexy spark.  

Rock this style and you’ll rock some serious confidence. With Ashely’s Natural Flat Ironed Hairstyle, you may just feel more like the most bombastic of bombshells, more like the most formidable of powerhouses, more like you’re ready to take on anything, all with class, all with style. No matter the task, be it business or casual; no matter the setting, be it the board room or night club; no matter your role, be it Super Mommy or Fortune 500 CEO, this flexible, beautiful do is versatile enough to see you through!  

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