Short Pixie Haircut with Hair Color from Ashley Ingram

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish hair styles from art. This is certainly the case with many short pixie hairstyles for black women. Black hairstyles for women have the sass that many other cultures could only dream of showcasing.

This hairstyle by Ashley Ingram displays a pixie cut with a beautiful asymmetrical flair. On the one side of the cut, there are blue streaks mixed in with the black hair. It is straightened and swept off to the side in layers. On the other side, there is a beautiful thinned out look. The clean cut lines are a nice touch. In the back, it is thinned and layered.

Salon: Ashley Nycole’s Hair Boutique
Hair: Ashley Ingram
Model: Shamese
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

If you want short hair but don’t want it to look like it is done with a clipper, then this is your style. The attention to detail is exquisite. You will be able to enjoy the look for a while as it grows out. Then you can always keep the one side shorter until the short side catches up.

When you need to look sleek with a bit of edge, this is the look for you. You will be able to show off your features and your attention to detail all at the same time.

Simply put yourself in the hands of the capable stylists at Ashley Nycole’s Hair Boutique. You can book through their website. You will find that after this cut, you will not want to go anywhere else. It is nice to breath a sigh of relief when your style turns out exactly like the picture.

So come enjoy our relaxing atmosphere and put all your concerns to rest for a while. We will pamper you and then set you free, looking like a star. If you want to go bold with this hairstyle by Ashley Ingram, do not delay. Book an appointment today.

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