Natural Hairstyle with Braids and Twists from Sess Cannon

Many people love natural hairstyles with braids. These are among the most popular of all black hairstyles, Sess Cannon at Sess Lee Curls in Dallas TX created this stunning natural hairstyle with braids and it is sure to be a hot fashion item this season.

In this case, the braids are arranged creatively along the back of the head. This makes it seem as if they are providing structure to the hairstyle, in a way. The braids also look very sturdy and elegant at the same time. The braids are darker than the rest of the hair with this hairstyle, and that means that they will form a nice contrast to the rest of the hair right away.

Salon: Sess Lee Curls
Satylist: Sess Cannon
Model: Amecia Robertson
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

A lot of people will love the look of this sort of balance, especially because the sturdy and smooth braids also create a contrast with the rest of the hair in a textural sense. This hairstyle also features some hair that is swept forward in the manner of bangs. This part of the hairstyle is very curly and free. It’s a shade lighter than the rest of the hair, but it is still brown.

The curls with the frontal section of the hair are very loose and free. They automatically make the hairstyle look as if it is very fun and youthful. However, these curls are also very stylish and carefully formed. As such, they are going to look as if they are more controlled than some other hairstyles that feature really curly hair.

This hair is not frizzy, but it does have a lot of shape to it, and it manages to strike the balance between curly and wavy in the first place. People will love the fact that the mix of textures and styles that they will get with this sort of hairstyle automatically makes it more interesting to see.

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