Short Hairstyle with Tapered Sides and Color from Tasha Hull

This elegant short hairstyle for black women with tapered sides and hair color was created by Ft. Worth, TX cosmetologist Tasha Hull from Alter Ego Styling Studio. The salon is located at 5689 Westcreek Dr, Suite A. Give Tasha a call at (662) 392-6338 and let her create your next signature hairstyle.

Among all of the short hairstyles for black women, this look screams woman in charge. That’s why Tasha Hull from Alter Ego Styling Studio named this style as the Boss Lady Look. Black hairstyles often say something. And this style shows that a woman puts a lot of effort into getting just the right look for the office or at home.

Salon: Alter Ego Styling Studio
Stylist: Tasha Hull
Model: Zenobia
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

Women are often in charge. And that’s why they need a style that has a commanding presence. This look says that the woman gets things done. And yet, she always has time to visit the salon to update her hair. Thankfully, this is a minimal maintenance look.

The blond strips are all over the hair, softening up the features. Blond can draw attention outwards, so it is great for people with narrow faces. Their features will look as though they got some filler added. Depth and dimension is important in a two tone do. And this hair style has the bottom of the hair black, so it slims the chin.

The waves are perfectly separated and straightened to give a nice polished look. And the back of the hair is naturally tapered so the cut will grow out easily. If you hate to have high maintenance but love sleek styles, then this is certainly the cut for you. You will leave the salon feeling refreshed.

If you’re ready, now is the time to book at Alter Ego Styling Studio in Ft. Worth, TX. You will get all the attention you need in a plush and professional salon environment.

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