Short Prissy Pixie Haircut from Shay Walker

There are lots of different choices when it comes to black hairstyles, even within the category of short pixie hairstyles for black women. Shaw Walker at the Slay by Shay Hair Salon has a gorgeous Short Prissy Pixie Haircut that many people will love.

 This hairstyle is distinguished partly by just how natural it looks. Many people want the natural look, and it is particularly popular in the modern world. Natural beauty is trending, and people will want to take part in it. This is the sort of hairstyle that will help with that.

Salon: Slay by Shay
Stylist: Shay Walker
Model: Brenda
Make Up: Briana Dodd

 While this hairstyle does look very natural, it still has a very polished appearance to it. It’s a hairstyle that will more or less send the message that the wearer in question just has naturally gorgeous and perfect hair and barely has to put in any time or effort to maintain it. This is an effect that a lot of people try to create in the first place, and with a hairstyle like this, that is much easier.

 This pixie cut has a somewhat ruffled look to it. However, unlike some ruffled haircuts, it does not look messy at all. Many people will enjoy the fact that the different hairstyle layers will have a way of shining or glowing under most lighting conditions.

 While this cut looks very trim in the back, it’s not going to appear to be shaved or too close to the skin. The back section of the hair will flow very neatly into the rest of the cut, creating a sense of unity. Overall, this is a natural hairstyle that looks very smooth without looking artificial. It’s also ruffled without looking the least bit messy. People who want to look groomed without looking as if they’ve spent too much time on their hair will love this look.

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