Pretty Prissy Pixie Hairstyle with Color from Shay Walker

This Pretty Prissy Pixie Short hairstyle for black women is stylish and sleek. The look was created by Arlington, TX hair stylist Shay Walker from Slay by Shay Hair Salon. Give Shay a call at (817) 863-1581 and let her create your next signature hairstyle.

While pixie cuts have been popular for a while, particularly among black hairstyles, a lot of people are under the impression that all of them are still fairly basic. They might think that the pixie cut is not the most versatile hairstyle, since it is so short. Many short pixie hairstyles for black women demonstrate that this is not the case. This short pretty pixie haircut from Shaw Walker at the Slay by Shay Hair Salon is a wonderful example.

Salon: Slay by Shay
Stylist: Shay Walker
Model: Brenda
Make Up: Briana Dodd

 This pixie cut has a very short and even look throughout. It looks slightly ruffled, giving some body to the hair. However, it also makes the hair look very soft. The hair will look very nourished and healthy when cut in this fashion, making the hair look very youthful.

The fact that this is a pixie cut that is more layered on top will give it more shape than a good portion of other pixie cuts. It’s also a look that is softer than some of the other pixie cuts available today, which have a tendency to be very spiky.

This pixie cut is dark throughout, and it has some blonde highlights right in the front. This should automatically create a striking contrast with the rest of the overall hairstyle. This part of the hair should catch the light very effectively. However, this pixie cut has been cut to catch the light in general, and it should give almost anyone a special glow in more ways than one.

 The blonde highlights in this hairstyle are very light, making them look more futuristic. The rest of the hairstyle is darker and much more natural. Taken together, it’s a hairstyle that creates a very fascinating effect. The cut is soft enough that as striking as the hairstyle is, it still creates something of a warm and inviting effect all at the same time.

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