Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Ladies Textured Haircut

Find your inner diva with this ladies textured haircut. The look features body wave curls and a custom ash-blonde hair color. Its foundation is a precision textured hairstyle with layers. Cameron Jackson, a professional hairstylist from Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC, created this bold, textured look.

Stylist: Cameron Jackson
Salon: Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC
Salon Phone: (336) 765-9007
Facebook: Cameron Jackson
Instagram: hairmaster1988
Model: Dominique
Makeup: April Nicole

It’s All In the Cut

The foundation of this ladies’ textured haircut is the precision point cut created by Cameron Jackson. Point cutting creates more movement than blunt cuts. Cameron created soft layers throughout the hairstyle to highlight movement also. The haircut is designed to not only highlight movement but to showcase the model’s facial features. It’s a great mid-length haircut that is bold enough to be noticed but not so loud as inappropriate for corporate settings.

Ladies Textured Haircut With Body Waves

The precision haircut in this ladies textured hairstyle is accented with some beautiful body wave curls. These curls are designed to bounce as the model moves and then fall perfectly back into place when she stops. The curls were created using a silk wrap technique. Cameron pressed the model’s hair straight and then wrapped her hair and set her under the dryer. This locks in moisture and creates volume in the hairstyle. Next, Cameron used curling irons to create the soft barrel curls also.

Custom Hair Color Add Added Flair

The model’s hair color was created using a multi-step process that highlighted the model’s hair 3 weeks earlier. To add to the boldness of the haircut, Cameron created a custom ash-blonde hair color to add a touch of flash to this hairstyle. Then he came back on the day of the model’s service and toned out the highlights with the ash-blonde hair color. The custom color technique creates the perfect corporate look with a little added spice.

Introducing Cameron Jackson from Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem professional hairstylist Cameron Jackson created this elegant ladies textured haircut. Cameron is located at Corey Paul’s Hair Studio. He gave his model a textured, layered haircut and a custom hair color. The cut and color create a stunning ensemble that works at work or any elegant function. If you would like to have Cameron create an elegant signature, look for you; give him a call at (336) 765-9007. You can also find Cameron online on Instagram: hairmaster1988 and Facebook: Cameron Jackson

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