Short Twists Hairstyle for Black Women from Speedy Hendrix

The Tapered Haircut with Twists from Speedy Hendrix is an evolution in short hairstyles for black women. And while it is not for the faint of heart, it is right up the alley of any woman that wants to look sexy and a little edgy all at the same time.  

In terms of tapered haircuts, this cut is very short. The back is pretty much a bald taper that comes up to the top with a very minimal amount of hair left on the sides. The sides are electric as they have lightening bolt patterns surging through them. The cut is for a woman who is confident with her skin as it shows off a lot of the features of the face as well as a lot of skin on the scalp as well.  

Hair: Speedy Hendrix
Make Up: Deirdre Clay
Model: Kaia

The top is where most of the patterning is going on. In terms of short twists hairstyles for black women, this one has a lot to offer. There are twists going out from the middle of the forehead in all directions. And yet there is a lot of symmetry that this style has to offer as well. The patterns are very set and not chaotic in the least. The twists add a very feminine touch that looks a bit like a fairy in the forest. It is a whimsical type of chain of twists that culminate at the back of the head with a small knot that draws the twists together.  

The front of the head has the same classic patterning that tapered haircuts for men offer. It is that long line of the forehead with rectangle edged sides. This draws attention to the beauty of the face once again.  

The model in this picture has a beautiful heart shaped face. The entire cut makes her cheekbones pop. Her face is also elongated due to the tapered look of the cut in the front. For women that want to accentuate their features, this is the perfect do. You will be very pleased by how all the details of the cut point back to the natural beauty of your own features.  

Wear this cut all day, every day. It is lower maintenance in that it can be allowed to grow out until the twists need to be redone. It is perfect for a lady who is tired of every other short cut that she has seen. She will stand out in the crowd with this one. Also, she will not be bored by her own hair in the morning when she wakes up.  

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