Short Hairstyle with Hair Color from Karen Williams


April / 2018

Short Hairstyle with Luscious Locs from Karen Williams


Did you know that a custom cut can highlight your individual beauty? Did you know that layers in a haircut can give more styling options? This is exactly what the professional stylist, Karen Williams, of Shear Opulence Hair Salon in Baltimore, MD, did for this flawless model, Deborah. As if the layers were not enough to catch the eye, Karen adds depth and dimensions of colors to further the appeal.

Salon: Shear Opulence
Stylist: Karen Williams
Model: Deborah
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Luscious Locks
Cosmetologist, Karen Williams, has formulated a look specifically for the model. Custom haircuts guarantee your unique style, and tailor makes the best and preferred look for you. Many people are afraid of layers, but as you see from Karen’s work, when professionally and properly executed… the outcome is perfection! The benefits of layering your cut may be it’s versatile options, or the ability it has to add drama, volume and movement. If you seek flat AND boring hair styles, then this cut by Karen is a bad choice. Movement in hair is not only edgier but also more complex to execute. Karen’s professional training and experience is the remedy for layer failure. She will consult with you pre-service to be able to design the perfect style for you.

Baltimore, Maryland is the beautiful home of Shear Opulence. With masterful experience, Karen can customize a look that will both make a statement and suit your needs, for your look, and for your lifestyle. Hair is a part of us, we are particular about who touches it. You will be in great hands with Karen.

It is best to book your appointment in advance. Customer service and timely delivery are specifically held in the highest regards. Your time is valuable to you as well as to us. Schedule your next appointment by calling (443) 255-3673. Your new look is awaiting! Come experience the truth about layers!

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