Short Hairstyle with Curls and Color from Leona Burns


December / 2017

Short Hairstyle with Pin Curls and Color from Leona Burns


Leona Burns had the right idea when creating this new do. It is one of the short hairstyles for black women that really stands out from the pack. After all, black hairstyles’ soft waves are certainly beautiful on women.  

This short hairstyle with pin curls and color is a show stopper. It is absolutely perfectly coiffed. This style is great when a woman needs to make an impression. And when maintained, it is simply stunning for every day wear as well.  

Hair: Leona Burns
Model: Tarsha
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Pin curls were in their hey day in the 40’s. People needed to really strut their stuff because it was a time when the country was just coming out of a second World War. They wanted to enjoy their lives again and go out on the town. And even though they didn’t have the same hair technology back then, they always made sure their pin curls were perfect.  

Now it’s a more modern era. Women cut their hair shorter than might have been traditional for a woman back then. And it can look just as cute as long hair, if not more so. It just needs the right hairstylist and vision to make it really shine.  

The sideburns of this style are finger waved. This is a beautiful added touch that used to be all the rage. And women can learn to recreate this look for their side hair on their own even. Black hair salons are willing to show women how a little bit of extra styling for the every day look can go a long way.  

At Beauty N U Salon in Darlington, SC, our stylists are trained to do this look. It will take some pre-planning, because the pin curls will take a while to set and the hair must be colored first. And the look is not for the faint of heart because going to blond takes time and patience. However, the end result is simply stunning. And women know that this justifies the afternoon it takes in the salon getting ready.  

So bounce out your best shoes and get ready to go out for a night to remember after all of this styling. All of the sitting under the dryer will have been worth it to be the belle of the ball. Everyone will be stopping you and asking you where you got your hair done. This look is too perfect not to be the show stopper.  

This is a look that will require maintenance at the salon. But our trained staff is here for you. We will make sure your coif is as radiant as that smile you are sporting. And why not grin from ear to ear when you look this good?  

Truly, we can only live once, and then have the photographs to prove it. So make this a memory to remember when you stop by Beauty N U Salon in Darlington, SC we will re create the look on demand any time you need it. So be prepared to burst forth with style after you request this look from our salons.

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