Short Natural Hairstyle with Curls and Color from Tasha Hull

Sassy and fierce, this hairstyle is amazing on model Jasmine. And the great news is, that cosmetologist Tasha Hull from Alter Ego Styling Studio in Ft. Worth Texas has designed this as one of the salon’s collections of natural hairstyles for black women.

You can enjoy looking slim as the weight of the hair on the top elongates the face. This is perfect for rounder faces that still want to enjoy short hair. It is also cool in the summer, so that’s why many women opt for short hair rather than a heavier look that is weighted down. You can let your hair breath and bring strength back to tired tresses.

Salon: Alter Ego Styling Studio
Stylist: Tasha Hull
Model: Jasmine
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

The orange-red coloring is perfect for adding some dimension to the hair. It creates interest for the eye. It also makes the look stand out from the crowd. The cascading curls onto the forehead create the illusion of choppy bangs. It gives the look even more of a feminine appeal. It also gives the hair some serious attitude.

The back of the hair has a natural fade look. This is perfect for all black hairstyles and goes with the texture of the hair. It makes the hairstyle easier to grow out as well. this is a look that you will not have to run back to the salon to continue to maintain. Which can be nice when you feel like your hair needs a break from constant styling.

So if a mound of curls that is low upkeep sounds ideal as one of your next hairstyles, then you might need to call the salon in Ft. Worth, TX at (669) 392-6338 to get this look for yourself. The great thing about Universal Salons is that the looks are easily achievable by all the salons under the umbrella. You can browse this and other looks on the website.

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