Short Pin Curls Hairstyle by Octavia Bonnette

When looking for short hairstyles for black women, you need to be creative. A lot of the styles have been done before. There are the pixie cuts, short dreads, and natural hair short cuts. This hairstyle though, gives black hairstyles a modern twist with a retro shout out.  

Of the pin curls hairstyles, this one is by far the cutest. The curls are so well defined all over the head. It looks like it took hours to create this look. That is why it is great for going out in on occasions where one wants to impress a crowd.  

Hair: Octavia Bonnette 
Make Up: Richelle Burden
Model: Ashley Daise

This hairstyle looks good dressed up or dressed down. For a special event, put on a modern frock or go with a vintage feel. No doubt that all eyes will be on the person’s hair. It is unique in and of itself. In the model’s photo, she has on a flashy necklace that looks like one is going to the office for another work day. While a person could go with this look, the individual could also dress down a little bit to play up the hair.  

This short pin curls hairstyle from Octavia Bonnette is really in a class of its own. For black hairstyles, this do is incredibly unique. It works with the texture though of black hair because although this hair type is tough to set, when it is made into a style, it has incredible staying power.  

So if you really want to impress the girls, maybe even old friends that you haven’t seen for a while, then showcase this new hairstyle. You will definitely get a lot of compliments, and will keep the trend alive. A person really has to be blind not to notice how cute this special hairstyle is.  

It will look as though you do not have one hair out of place as you go about your business. Even people who do not like short hairstyles will like this one. It is ultra feminine and completely outdoes the traditional short spiky cuts. Those cuts look just a bit less coiffed than this one.  

Just take a look at the back of the head. The rows of curls going all the way down to the nape are just so intricately laid out. And at the crown of the head, there is a beautiful ring of curls that flowers out around the crown.  

For any woman looking for a change in their daily routine of short hair, this is the style for them. It is also perfect for the woman who is growing out her short hair and looking for something exciting to do with the hair in the meantime. This woman will not be bored with growing out her hair when it can look this polished in the meantime.  

 Ask for this look from Octavia Bonnette to avoid the disappointment from a cut that you have to learn how to style on your own. This one comes with built in instructions and can be created again and again.

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