Smokescreen Bob Hairstyle for Black Women from Deirdre Clay

To remain in the forefront of hair design is challenging for any stylist. Trends change depending on what is hot at the moment or innovative or unique. With so many hairstyles out there, something new must also be something different. For Black Women who love the look of a bob but also want something original, distinctive and mysterious, this smokescreen bob hairstyle, created by the highly accomplished and successful hairstylist, Deidre Clay, is a look that will impress and influence others.

Stylist: Deirdre Clay
Model: Renee
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The smokescreen bob hairstyle is ideal for the woman who does not follow the crowd. The crowd follows her. Others look to her for inspiration, knowing she is the essence of style and on the cutting edge of design. She is confident and feminine and exceptional, just like her hairstyle. She is not afraid to take a chance and her risks pay off. Her look makes a statement and turns heads wherever she goes.This modified bob is sleek and sexy with cropped edges and sharp angles. The smoky gray hair color emphasizes a smooth texture with hints of violet adding dimension to create a sophisticated, stunning look. This provocative yet chic hairstyle allows for a subtle movement and works for day or night.

With her years of education and experience, Dee is no stranger to setting trends. She is also a stylist and makeup artist so she knows what is in style. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, DVDs and videos. For the Smokescreen hairstyle, Dee applies Glazed edges to the ends for a flat, silky effect. She also uses the S3 Serum to protect the hair while using the flat iron for a luxurious look.

If you are a Black woman who lives on the edge and is looking for a unique, sophisticated hairstyle that is sexy and mysterious, come by our Salon and ask Dee about the smokescreen bob hairstyle. Its silky texture, striking edges and stunning color make the bold statement you have been waiting for. You will be turning heads before you leave our Salon.

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