The Best Coils With Comb Hairstyle You’ll See This Year

Every community has a strong desire to bond to its history. In the African American community, we often use hairstyles to showcase that bond. This coils with comb hairstyle mimic natural hair locks but they have the advantage of giving the model the ability to change up her look quickly. The coils are influenced by the model’s natural curl pattern and her energetic lifestyle could actually help add volume to these coils with comb hairstyle. Professional hairstylist Marsha Baldwin from The Palace of Hair Artistry in Goose Creek, SC created this beautiful hairstyle.

Stylist: Marsha Baldwin
Salon: The Palace of Hair Artistry in Goose Creek, SC
Salon Phone: (919) 200-2793
Facebook: Marsha Maat Baldwin / Instagram: @ The Hair goddess_Maat
Model: Destiny
Makeup: Kira Fiqueroa

Stunning Coils With Comb Hairstyle

This coils with comb hairstyle take on a new level of importance to African American women who cherish a link to their history. The coils mimic natural locks with a ton of fullness. The model feels that her hair is part of her identity. Not only does she love her coils, she feels that locks are part of her heritage. In fact, her whole family wears locks.

While the coils with comb technique mimic natural locks, they give the model the versatility to change up her look anytime she wants.

Great Hairstyle for Women on the Go

The real beauty of these coils with comb hairstyle is the way your hectic lifestyle can actually help add volume to the look. The coils are based on your natural curl pattern so they will stay in place as you perspire. So as you work out, your hairstyle gets better and better.

Taking Care of This Coils Over Comb Hairstyle at Home

When professional hairstylist Marsha Baldwin created these elegant coils over comb hairstyle, she made sure it would be easy to maintain also. To keep this hairstyle looking “salon fresh”, you need to use a daily pomade to pull out the coils. The pomade also works on the scalp as a herbal treatment. You should also use a gloss spray for a high-definition shine.

Introducing Marsha Baldwin from The Palace of Hair Artistry in Goose Creek, SC

Marsha Baldwin is a professional hairstylist located at The Palace of Hair Artistry, 134 St. James Ave., Suite – 103, in Goose Creek, SC. Marsha has developed a strong and loyal clientele because of her artistic eye and her professional work ethic. She’s been a leader in the Black hairstyles industry on a national level for quite some time. Stop by the salon or give Marsha a call at (919) 200-2793. She’ll be happy to create a signature hairstyle that suits your lifestyle.

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