Fall in Love With This Natural Rainbow Locks Hairstyle

Rainbow hair colors are reserved for the individual who wants to be the center of attention. Usually, these looks are found on ultra-short crop tops or buzz cuts. Airaina Knight, a professional hairstylist at The Locks House in Fayetteville, NC decided that short hair shouldn’t have all of the fun. She created this flashy natural rainbow locks hairstyle. She used different hues of magenta, copper, purple, and teal colors to achieve the rainbow color. The color is laid over a rope twist technique that is brought up into an updo. Airaina left a few twists out on the sides and back for a playful, wispy look also.

Stylist: Airaina Knight
Salon: The NUWBNS Locks House in Fayetteville, NC
Instagram: NUWBNS / Facebook: Airaina Griffith
Salon Phone: (910) 703-8012
Model: Micaela
Makeup; Deirdre Clay

Colorful Natural Rainbow Locks

The first aspect of this natural rainbow locks hairstyle that grabs your attention is the beautiful rainbow hair color technique. Airaina Knight created this colorful ensemble using different hues of magenta, copper, purple, and teal hair colors. The model’s hair had to be lightened first and then semi-permanent colors were used to complete the technique. The end result is a vibrant color palette that is fun and adventurous. This is the perfect look for anyone who wants to show off their bold personality also.

Introducing Airaina Knight from The Locks House in Fayetteville, NC

Airaina Knight is a professional hairstylist, specializing in Natural locks. Her work has graced the pages of national publications like Hype Hair and Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide to name a few. This natural rainbow locks hairstyle uses rope twists to create a regal look. The ends of the rope twists are tucked underneath the crown also. Airaina left a few twists out on the sides and back for a playful wispy effect. She recommends wrapping your hair with a silk or satin cloth at night and using a daily oil sheen to keep this hairstyle polished also.

Stop by The Locks House, 5945 Cliffdale Rd., Suite 1105, in Fayetteville, NC or give Airaina a call at (910) 703-8012 and let her help you along your locks journey.

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