You’ll Want to See This Colorful Razor Cut Bob for Black Women

Professional hairstylists have played around and altered the classic bob hairstyle for years. In the Black community, bobs have evolved into their fashion universe. This razor cut bob for Black women was created by Tranita Benton. Tranita is a professional hairstylist from Sophia Brandon Salon in Olympia Fields, IL. This look features dramatic lines and bold colors with hair additions that seamlessly blend with the model’s natural hair.

Stylist: Tranita Benton
Salon: Sophia Brandon Salon in Olympia Fields, IL
Salon Phone: (708) 527-2738
Facebook: Tranita Benton / Instagram: tranitacolormebad
Model: Jazmyn
Makeup: RaShonda Burnside

Stunning Razor Cut Bob for Black Women

The distinctive aspect of this cut is the diagonal forward lines and increased layering as you move towards the face. Tranita chose a razor cut technique for this hairstyle because the razor makes the hair appear softer. A razor cut technique will also create movement in the hair. The bold lines of the cut will bounce and sway as the model moves and then flawlessly fall back into place when she stops.

Bold Hair Colors Match The Dramatic Lines of The Cut

Tranita created a bold tri-color combination to accentuate to bold lines of the haircut. The color features different hues of violet, magenta, and a slice of light pink around the face. The soft pink is designed to make the face pop. Tranita has a legendary reputation as a professional color specialist. Her custom colors are designed for each client and no two are alike.

Taking Care of This Razor Cut Bob for Black Women

Tranita made it super simple to take care of this razor cut bob for Black women at home. To keep this hairstyle looking salon fresh, simply wrap the hair to the right with a wide-tooth comb, tie your hair down and go to sleep, that’s it. This look should last you about three weeks because of the hair extensions.

Introducing Tranita Benton from Sophia Brandon Salon in Olympia Fields, IL

When you’re ready to give your look a splash of color that will make a statement, stop by Sophia Brandon Salon, 3478 Vollmer Rd. in Olympia Fields, IL. Let Tranita Benton create a custom look for you as bold and artistic as this razor cut bob for Black women. You can also give Tranita a call at (708) 527-2738.

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