This Curly Natural Hairstyle is Versatile and Chic from Talia Brown Williams

There are two sides to every story and Talia Brown Williams is a wonderful story teller! On one side, she has a beautiful natural hairstyle. A chic, classic curly look on one side, meanwhile, the other side tells a story of extra fashion and flare. So, whether you are styled to be the cutest corporate boss or being the life of the party, this look covers all angles and styles.

Natural Hairstyle Versatility

Salon: Trinity Hair Design
Stylist: Talia Brown Williams
Model: Benvinda
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Talia has created the epic double style look. On one side she has molded the perfect springy curls, curls that are full of both body and volume. Talia has taken care of the hair prior to styling. Prepping the curls to ensure they are well moisturized, defined, and polished is a huge step to achieve such a clean natural look. The highlights in the hair are a beautiful way to break up the monotony of the curls and add that pizazz we all love.

Plot twist! On the flip side of this style, there is an edgier appeal with a few flat twists. The flat twists added completely changes the profile of the style. This look can be furthered styled for endless variations.  You can pull it back in a ponytail, a bun, flat iron and straighten it are just a few options to name a few.

Introducing Talia Brown Williams from Trinity Hair Salon

Talia Brown Williams of Trinity Hair Salon in the beautiful city of Crestview Florida. Trust the professional to take care of your hair. All the staff of Trinity Hair Salon would like to invite you to experience the atmosphere of a knowledgeable and caring salon. Talia values your time and wishes to quickly service you. To schedule your consultation and appointment, contact Talia through the website or contact Talia in Trinity Hair Salon. You will not regret the transforming skills of Talia.

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