Universal Salons Gets 32 Black Hairstyles Published in May

Dre’ Ramseur from Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon in Charlotte, NC

Short Wispy Hairstyle with Hair Color from Dre’ Ramseur

Dre’ (Dr. Dre’) Ramseur is a cosmetologist, salon owner, platform artist and trichology specialist. Dre’ is a senior educator for Dudley Products Inc., teaching classes in haircuts and hair color.  Dre’ has a philosophy that beautiful hair is healthy hair. Give Dre’ Ramseur a call at (704) 726-5467 and let her create your next signature hairstyle.

Melissa Green from Studio 102 Hair Salon in Fayetteville, NC

Short Hairstyle with Multi Color Accents from Melissa Green

Mid-Length Bob Hairstyle from Melissa Green

Melissa Green has graced the pages of many Black Hair publications both as a cosmetologist and as a model. Melissa models as well as her customers always leave her chair with flawless hairstyles designed to get attention. When you are in and around the Fayetteville, NC area, make sure you take the opportunity to book your hair appointment with Melissa Green at (910) 494-1359.

Terrisina Jackson from Eye Catcher Hair Salon in Florence, SC

Side Ponytail with Loose Curls Hairstyle for Black Women by Terrisina Jackson

Long Soft Curls Black Hairstyle from Terrisina Jackson

Beautiful Wrap Hairstyle for Long Hair from Terrisina Jackson

Terrisina Jackson is known throughout South Carolina as a motivator, team leader and master cosmetologist. Terrie has mentored many up and coming hair stylist in her area in not only the art of cosmetology but the business as well. There are many well-known hair stylist that owe their beginning to Terrisina Jackson. Let Terrie create one of her signature hairstyles for you by booking your appointment at (843) 260-6077.

Joyce Carter Unlimited Styles Salon & Hair Loss Clinic in Fayetteville, NC

Long Flowing Black Hairstyle from Joyce Carter

Joyce Carter’s specialty goes beyond maintain healthy vibrant hairstyles. Joyce is also a hair loss specialist that helps her clients recover from the many different forms of hair loss like alopecia. Not only can Joyce handle any hair care issues, she is also able to diagnose your hair care issues. Give Joyce a call at (919) 286-4635 for a consultation that will give insights into any hair loss issues you may have.

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