Universal Salons Gets 32 Black Hairstyles Published in May

Tanisha Holland from Confession Weave & Natural Hair Salon in Durham, NC

Beautiful Flaming Layers Short Hairstyle by Tanisha Holland

Tanisha Holland is new to participating on the UniversalSalons.Com photo shoots. In that short amount of time her work has already been given national attention through publications and a very strong presence on the web. As well as being a talented cosmetologist, Tanisha is also an astute businesswoman with three salons in around the Durham, NC area. Tanisha and her staff would love the opportunity to create your next signature look. Give them a call at (919) 477-6718.

Pamela Webster from Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon in Mobile, AL

Soft Curly Hairstyle with Hair Color from Pam Webster

Pam Webster has a long history of being one of the most published hairstylist in the black hair industry. There is hardly any month that goes by when Pam is not featured one or many national publications. As one of the most prestigious cosmetologist in the entire state of Alabama, Pam is known for creating new looks today that will be worn across the US tomorrow. If you’re ever in the Alabama gulf coast, treat yourself to an experience like no other at the hands of Pamela Webster. Her salon phone number is (251) 473-9575.

Ashley Coutain and Marie Coleus from Godly Image Hair Studio in
Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Mid-Length Bob Hairstyle with Flips From Ashley Coutain

Ashley Coutain has graced the pages of black hair publications both as a cosmetologist and as a model for many years. Ashley has positioned herself as a leader in the Ft. Walton Beach community with her trendsetting hairstyles and her attention to detail.

Mid-Length Silky Bob Hairstyle With Highlights From Marie Coleus 

Marie Coleus has also graced the pages of many national publications. Her work is known for being cutting edge and flawless. Marie has showcased a myriad of hairstyles from short to long, always with a focus on healthy hair. Give Ashley and Marie a call at (850) 862-3200 and let them or another talented staff member at Godly Image fulfill your haircare desires.

Latoya Brown-Green and Alicia Howell from Fabstylez Hair & Braiding Salon in Columbia, SC


Braided Mohawk With Plaits from Latoya Brown-Green

As hair braiding has become more and more popular, the ladies at Fabstylez Hair & Braiding Salon have set themselves apart as a leader in the industry for the southeastern United States. Latoya Brown-Green has consistently provided trendsetting natural braided hairstyles over the years. Latoya’s talent has earned her full pages to showcase her work in past publications.

Braided UpDo’s Hairstyle With Hair Color From Alicia Howell

Alicia Howell is another shining star creating fashion forward hairstyles from Fabstylez Hair & Braiding Salon. Alicia also has the rare distinction of having every hairstyle she has ever photographed being published in multiple national publications. This speaks volumes about her talent as a cosmetologist. Give Latoya and Alicia or any of the other talented staff members at Fabstylez Hair & Braiding Salon a call to set your next appointment at (803) 772-7287.

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