Brassy Blonde Curly Hair Mohawk from Brenda Barron in Charleston, SC

If the words used when people mention you are fierce and bold, then you need a dynamic hairstyle to match. Check out this brassy blonde curly hair mohawk. It was created by Brenda Barron, a professional hairstylist from Samiyah’s Hair Styling Salon in Charleston, SC. This hairstyle is brimming with excitement, from the tri-shade custom hair color, the rod set curl pattern, to the multi-technique cutting design. It is designed to be an attention-getter the moment you step into a room also.

The color and the mohawk haircut are purposely bold and automatic attention grabbers. The rod set curls add subtlety to the look that allows the client to have much more leeway as to when and where she can rock this hairstyle. This brassy blonde curly hair mohawk gives you the best of both worlds also. The edgy look of the cut and hair color is tamed by the soft rod set curl pattern.

Stylist: Brenda Barron
Salon: Samiyah’s Hairstyling Salon
Model: Samiyah
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Brassy Blonde Curly Hair Mohawk

The dominant aspect of this beautiful mohawk hairstyle must be the elegant tri-shade hair color. Brenda Barron created a customized hair color formula, specifically for this client using different hues of brown and a brassy platinum blonde at the top. The custom hair color technique was applied to her client’s natural hair with a natural brown around the nape area, blending with a light brown as you go further up the scalp. The hair color is topped off with a striking brassy blonde look on top.

As the hair in the top is swooped over to one side, the brassy blonde hair color contrasts with the light brown underneath. The result is a tonal mixture that punctuates every bounce from every ringlet in the hair also. Brenda Barron was very careful to choose a hair color blend that would achieve the look she desired while using an application technique that ensured her client’s natural hair would remain safe and healthy. 

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Beautiful Rod Set Curl Pattern and Multi-Technique Cutting Design

The hair color is accentuated by the rod set curl pattern Brenda created that adds movement throughout the hair. Removing the rods and running your fingers through the hair to separate the curls creates the soft curl pattern. Underneath the soft curls, Brenda gave this model a precision haircutting technique utilizing both barber clippers and hairstylist’s shears. The result is a classic mohawk that is tight on each side and long through the top also. The design of the haircut works perfectly with the movement of the soft curls and the vibrancy of the color. Brenda did a little texturizer on the sides of the hair also. The fashion statement made by this brassy blonde curly hair mohawk explains why Brenda Barron is one of Charleston, SC’s most sought after professional hairstylists.

At-Home Maintenance Routine for This Brassy Blonde Curly Hair Mohawk

The beauty of a short, natural hairstyle like this brassy blonde curly hair mohawk is just how easy they are to maintain. Brenda Barron suggests that her model wrap her hair every night with a silk or satin bonnet or scarf. In the mornings she should simply run her fingers through her hair and add some type of oil sheen also.

Introducing Brenda Barron from Samiyah’s Hair Styling Salon in Charleston, SC

Brenda Barron is one of the most sought-after hairstylists in the Charleston, SC area. The largest Black hair publications in America have featured her work. Samiyah’s Hair Styling Salon is located at 2527 Savannah Hwy., Suite – A, in Charleston, SC. Stop by or give Brenda a call at (843) 571-2673. Her work is excellent and you won’t be disappointed.

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