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Featured in many black hair magazines such as Sophisticates Black Hair Style and Care Guide, Hair Sensations Vol. 7, 2004, Sophisticates Black Hair Care Guide June-July 2009, and Sophisticates Black Hair Style and Care Guide August 2009, this is one of the hair salons with stylists that make you sit up and take notice. The range of hair styles they’ve accomplished is truly amazing–and if they haven’t seen it before, they can help you create your vision, and if they have seen it before… well, you know they’ll do the best job in town. Pocahontas braids with a glamorous, swirling design braided in up top? A sleekly teased ponytail–with a jaw-dropping star design braided in back? Zigzag braids with a star pattern and a shiny, crimped pony-tail? This salon of all hair salons is where you need to be. Don’t wait; call today to book your appointment.

Main Attraction Hair Studio doesn’t just do braids, locs, twists, cornrows, plaits, and coils for women. They have a wide range of expertise in styling for confident, urban men, too. Try a geometric design with small braids coming down in back, or spiraling braids. Whatever you decide, when you pop back on the street with your new look, the ladies will be looking.

If you’ve been searching for black hair styles which look tight and clean, even more so than the ones you see in the black hair magazines, make sure you stop in here. The service is friendly and fast, and you’ll leave with a super-clean look which will last. Wonder how it feels to be the main attraction in the club or at the office? Find out, with a beautiful, unique hairstyle from this memorable studio.


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Main Attraction Hair Studio
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