Creating A Sleek Braided Ponytail: Expert Interview

Sleek braided ponytails are always a go-to hairstyle for fashion-conscious Black women with hectic schedules. Ponytails are easy to create, they keep your hair neat and put together, and they are also easy to maintain. Did I forget to mention ponytails are also a gorgeous look that pulls your hair away from your face? They are great hairstyles when you want to show your natural beauty. We sat down with nationally acclaimed hairstylist Tiffany Thames, from Main Attraction Hair Studio in Kernersville, NC, and got some inside tips on creating a sleek braided ponytail the professional way.

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Stylist: Tiffany Thames
Salon: Main Attraction Hair Studio in Kernersville, NC
Salon Phone: (336) 992-0263
Model: Keia
Makeup: Kisha Showers Griffin

Sleek Braided Ponytail Hairstyle by Tiffany Thames

The hairstyle in these images was created by Tiffany Thames, a nationally recognized, award-winning hairstylist. Over the years Tiffany has won some of the most prestigious awards from the largest hair shows in America. She has won the Bronner Bros. Hair Battle on multiple occasions. This is one of the largest hair competitions in the United States. We bring this up because it’s important to know that when Tiffany Thames says a hairstyle is on-trend, she speaks with the experience and creativity of someone who is at the top of their game in the Black hairstyles industry.  

This hairstyle features the model’s natural hair pulled back and braided into a long ponytail. To achieve the length she was looking for, Tiffany braided hair additions into the ponytail. The braid itself is a combination of different braid techniques. For this look, Tiffany used a butterfly technique, along with a fishnet, mermaid, and tie knot braid technique also. To create a more electrifying look, Tiffany added some bedazzled pieces throughout this sleek braided ponytail.  The finished look is a refined look that highlights the model’s natural features.

Creating This Sleek Braided Ponytail

Tiffany ensures that any hairstyle that carries her name will also leave her client’s hair in a healthy state. That’s why she started this sleek braided ponytail by giving her model a deep hydrating shampoo and conditioner. In most instances, natural hairstyles will require more moisture than their relaxed counterparts. Tiffany starts off with a deep hydrating service to infuse moisture and nutrients into the hair to promote healthy hair growth while the model wears her style.

After the shampoo and conditioner, Tiffany silked out the model’s hair to give it a bone straight appearance. A silk press technique is the perfect way to straighten your hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Be careful though, too much heat could cause damage or even hair loss.

The Braid Technique

The signature piece of this sleek braided ponytail is the long ponytail flowing down the model’s back. Tiffany created this by incorporating synthetic hair additions into her braid techniques in order to give the ponytail more length. Tiffany chose synthetic hair additions because they braid into the hair seamlessly and they are a great value to the customer.

Part of the beauty comes from the intricacy of the braid. Tiffany used a variety of braiding techniques to get this look. She incorporated mermaid, fishbone, butterfly, and tie knot braiding techniques to get this unique look. The end result is a long braid with complex cross-sections that attract the eye.

Use Accent Pieces to Spice Things Up

To give this sleek braided ponytail a little more dramatic flair, Tiffany added jeweled accent pieces throughout the hairstyle. Adding jeweled accent pieces at the base of the ponytail, and through the length of the ponytail helps to draw the eye to its sophisticated braid pattern. The accent pieces can easily be removed to turn this elegant, special event hairstyle into an every day updo, suitable for work or play.

Taking Care of This Sleek Braided Ponytail at Home

Tiffany says that taking care of this hairstyle at home is a breeze also. She recommends the model wrap her hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet and then use a gloss product every two to three days. Tiffany also recommends giving your hair a break every now and then and having regular treatments that will moisturize and nourish your hair. On days when you don’t feel like wearing a ponytail, you can just pin your hair up into a bun so that it is out of the way. With proper care, this hairstyle should last about two weeks.

Introducing Tiffany Thames from Main Attraction Hair Studio in Kernersville, NC

Tiffany Thames is the owner of Main Attraction Hair Studio located at 214 Century Blvd. in Kernersville, NC. The salon is known for its family atmosphere and the one-on-one attention Tiffany gives each of her clients. Stop by the salon and get “Tiff’d,” a term used to describe the artistic hairstyles Tiffany is known for giving each of her clients. Her clientele loves her creativity. Tiffany has established a reputation nationwide for creating innovative, designer braids that create pieces of art into the hairstyle. Stop by Main Attraction Hair Studio or give Tiffany a call at (336) 992-0263 and experience the “Tiff’d” experience for yourself.

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