The Next Big Thing in Bob Hairstyles For Black Women in 2021

When China walked into the salon at Corey-Paul’s Hair Studio, she was rocking a head full of tresses, but when she stepped out, they transformed her style into a sharp, bold bob cut with a soft line to create an edge that only the fierce can possess. This look is one of the defining bob hairstyles for Black women in 2021. Her stylist Jaderium Mans, also known as JD, has many talents for his techniques for the perfect slay, but the magic he worked with this bob is unmatched. Jaderium took China’s style to the next level by showing us just what can happen when you know what you are doing with a pair of sheers and some clippers.

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Stylist: JaDerium Manns
Salon: Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC
Salon Phone: (336) 765-9007
Model: Shetara
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Bob Hairstyles for Black Women in 2021

To achieve this look stylist Jaderium pre-prepped by shampooing and deep conditioning his model’s hair followed by a good blow dry. “Roots are key to a silk press,” says Mans, so he was sure to apply a needed amount of serum and oils as he flat ironed China’s hair to ensure an even amount of heat is applied from the roots down to the ends. JD says he has been doing hair his entire life and by looking at his work you can tell this is a craft that will only keep getting better. He has a niche for achieving an array of looks from natural hairstyles, curls, cutting, and more. But for this fierce and edgy style, we are able to see just one of the layers of this talented stylist unfold.

Blunt Lines Create the Cut

With a steady hand that is held with the same composure as a doctor performing a surgery JD used his clippers to create the initial line that created the sharp bob look with a blunt line, and for any hair that may have been left was cleaned up with his sheers. But his goal was not yet achieved. He wanted this style to have layers as well as movement. To do this he created a zig-zag part at the crown of China’s head. Then, he used a pointcut technique to allow the hair to flow the way he desired. And as a finishing touch, he silk-wrapped her hair and placed her under the dryer. The results you can see for yourself. THIS is what you should be seeking when it comes to a perfectly executed bob.

Change Up Your Look for 2021

Just imagine yourself rocking this daring style, turning heads as you walk by. Having everyone wonder “Where did she get her hair done?”. Have you ever been asked if your hair was a wig because it looked just that good? No? Well, prepare yourself chile because there is no turning back once you step out of this Mans’ chair. If you are looking for a cut but not willing to go completely short this is for you. Whether it is a girl’s night out or a nice romantic date, you can create any look and have it taken to the next level with this bob.

Bob Hairstyles for Black Women in 2021 Have Versatility

Of course, we always like to let you know just how versatile a style can be. You can wear this straight or go back to JD to achieve a curly layered bob. And keeping it up is simple too. Keep it wrapped and focus on not applying too much heat between the times for your touch-up. Want to take it up one more level? Add some color for a bit of flare. No need to look for another stylist who can do that for you, because JD has you covered. Just check him out on social media to see what clients have asked for versus what they received. I promise you no one has left disappointed. “The proof is in the hair”.

Use a Trusted Professional Like Jaderium Mans

I hope you did not think it was a simple task to reach this flawless style. It almost sounded like you could achieve this look on your own. If you want this hairstyle without the mishaps then be sure to book with Jaderium at Corey-Paul’s Hair studio. He is a new stylist at the studio located at 636 Hanes Mall Blvd in Winston Salem, North Carolina. As stated before, he has been doing hair his entire life. Now he is able to share his talents with anyone looking for the perfect slay.

Staying At the Top of His Game

When asked what he does to keep up with trends he says, “social media, pop culture and of course celebrities. They are consistently rocking new styles that are highly sought after”. His expertise is anything dealing with natural hair. When you see what this man can do with a silk press or how he can transform a style from straight to coiled you are sure to want to book as soon as he has availability. To keep up with how many women have stepped into his chair and left the salon strutting you can follow him on Instagram @Hair_by_qurai. Once you have experienced the revolution, be sure to use #silkedbyqurai to become part of the hall of fame.

Jaderium Mans from Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC

Be sure to keep up with every stylist that is featured on this site, especially Jaderium. He posses just what is needed in an industry that easily sifts out the weak. Mans share goals to become an educator for upcoming cosmetologist. During his interview, he was able to offer some simple tips about correct terminology. He is already off to an amazing start at the prestigious Core-Paul’s Hair studio. We here at Universal Salons will be on the lookout for what more is to come. from this rising cosmetologist.

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