Natural Hairstyle Cut Into a Layered Bob


February / 2020

Lovely Bob Haircut with Graduated Layers from Star Hewitt in Durham, NC


Natural hairstyles are quickly growing in popularity all over the United States. More and more African American women are dumping the “creamy crack” and embracing their own natural hair texture also. While there is definitely a trend toward showcasing our own beautiful natural hair, today’s fashion-conscious woman still wants to look drop-dead gorgeous as we do it. With that in mind, professional hairstylist Star Hewitt from The Remedy Salon in Durham, NC created this elegant bob haircut with graduated layers and hair color on her model’s natural hair.  This hairstyle is simply stunning with its neutral blonde hues and soft wispy curls in the front also. Every aspect of this hairstyle is specifically designed for this model’s total look, from the precision haircut to the custom hair color process.

Bob Haircut with Graduated Layers

This bob haircut features graduated layers and neutral blonde hair color. Professional hairstylist Star Hewitt created this look.

Soft Flips on a Bob Haircut with Graduated Layers

This bob hairstyle was created on the model’s natural hair. The hair color process was customized specifically for this model.

Stylist: Star Hewitt
Salon: The Remedy Salon
Salon Ph.: (919) 493-8772
Model: Sharia
Makeup: Myiah Shaw

Customized Hair Color Process

This look begins with a custom hair color process created by one of the hottest professional hairstylists in Durham, NC, Star Hewitt. Star used multiple hues of neutral blonde to create this custom look. The hair color is not only beautiful, Star ensured that her model’s natural hair would be protected throughout the procedure also. This is very important because natural hair can be very resistant to color and most natural hair clients require more moisture. If you’re not careful, an incorrect color process could cause breakage or could alter your natural curl pattern also. Therefore, it’s so important to utilize the services of a natural hair care specialist that understands hair color and uses high quality, professional products. Star Hewitt is one of the top natural hair care specialists in North Carolina.

Neutral Blonde Hair Color on a Bob Haircut with Graduated Layers

The neutral blonde in this style is the result of a custom hair color process by Star Hewitt from The Remedy Salon

Graduated Layers in a Bob Haircut

This bob haircut features graduated layers and hair color. The haircut creates movement in this bob hairstyle.

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Stunning Bob Haircut with Graduated Layers

The foundation of this bob haircut with graduated layers is the precision A-line bob haircut. Bobs have been popular for quite some time. The layers allow the style to sway and bounce as the model moves, only to fall in place when the model stops. Star Hewitt created this precision haircut after a thorough consultation with her model also. This A-line bob haircut was specifically designed for this model’s desires, lifestyle, and environment.

After the custom hair color and precision haircut, the hair was blown dry using a ceramic brush. Flat irons were used to create the curl pattern also. The result is a soft wispy bob hairstyle with a neutral blonde hair color on one side and wispy bang in the front.

Bob Hairstyle with Graduated Layers

The soft curls in this bob hairstyle were created using a flat iron technique. The curls blend with the hair color to highlight the movement of the hair.

The Back View of a Bob Haircut with Graduated Layers and Hair Color

The back of this hairstyle showcases the blunt edges of this bob haircut along with streaks of the neutral blonde hair color,

At-Home Maintenance for a Bob Haircut with Graduated Layers

Star Hewitt wanted to ensure that her model would look drop-dead gorgeous wearing this bob haircut with graduated layers. She wanted to ensure her model would have no problem taking care of her style when she left the salon also. To take care of this hairstyle at home her model simply needs to use some sort of shine product every morning and wrap their hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet or scarf. Star also suggests coming back to the salon every two weeks for a salon maintenance program for protein treatments, trims, shampoos, and conditioners.

Introducing Star Hewitt from The Remedy Hair & Body Spa in Durham, NC

Star Hewitt is a nationally recognized professional hairstylist with a passion for the Black hair industry. Star has earned a reputation as a natural hair care specialist. Her goal is to always give her clients the best, white-glove, service also. She produces beautiful hairstyles and keeps her client’s hair healthy at the same time. Star is located at The Remedy Hair & Body Spa, 3219 Old Chapel Hill Rd., Suite 201 in Durham, NC. When you’re ready to get the service you deserve for your natural hair care needs, give Star a call at (919) 493-8772.

Model Walking Dog with Bob haircut with Graduated Layers

This bob haircut with graduated layers is perfect for any type of event. The wispy flips in the bang and the neutral blonde hair color set it apart.

Location Image of a Model with a Bob Haircut with Graduated Layers

This bob haircut with graduated layers features soft flip curls and neutral blonde hair color also.

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