Stunning Black Hairstyles Gallery from 3 Top Raleigh-Durham Hair Salons

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African American women spend over a half trillion dollars on black hairstyles and trends every year. The hair care industry is one of the few in this country that actually circulates money into and through the African American community.

North Carolina’s Triangle area has always been a source of progress and innovation for African Americans. Whether you are talking about Shaw University as the first African American University in the south, or the creation of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, one of the largest African American financial institutions in the United States, this part of the country has always been known for cultivating a metropolitan African American lifestyle. Raleigh Durham North Carolina is also the epicenter of some of the most talented cosmetologist in the hair industry focusing on black hairstyles.

Recently, UniversalSalons.Com was honored to participate in a high fashion, hair stylist photo shoot with 3 such hair salons. The participating salons were Styles So Chic Hair Salon, located at 4109 Wake Forest Road Raleigh North Carolina 27601, Young Sassy & Unique Hair Salon also located at 3219 Old Chapel Hill Road Suite 203 Durham North Carolina 27707, and Crystal Clear Salon and Spa located inside of Young Sassy & Unique at the same address.

The hairstyles produced at this event will not only be showcased on UniversalSalons.Com, but will also be featured in some of the largest black hair magazines in the world. As anyone knows who’s been following our history, UniversalSalons.Com has been supplying national hair care publications with top quality images of new and trendsetting hairstyles for the last 15 to 20 years. We are honored to add this hairstyle gallery to our collections.

Mohawk Up-do with Twist on the Side from Aniya Oden

The first hairstyle we will showcase in this gallery is from Raleigh, NC cosmetologist Aniya Oden. Aniya is the owner of Styles So Chic Hair Salon, located at 4109 Wake Forest Rd. Aniya is known for her fierce haircuts and as you can see, she is a master of the trendsetting up-do.

This look was created by transforming a high bun into a Mohawk themed formal up-do. Golden Brown hair color was added to help accentuate the style. The Mohawk was created by connecting a bun on the top of the scalp to a braided back area with waves and twist on the side. You can get more information on this particular black hairstyle by clicking here…

Aniya would love to create one of her signature hairstyles for you. You can see more of her work by clicking here…  You can also give her a call at (919) 532-9555.

Medium Length Ombre Hairstyle

One of the hottest aspects of hair color these days is the ombre hairstyle. This particular look was created by Tiffany Hudson from Crystal Clear Salon and Spa located inside of Young Sassy & Unique at 3219 Old Chapel Hill Road Suite 203 Durham North Carolina 27707.  Tiffany is one of the most motivating hair stylists we’ve worked with and her passion for the industry shows in all that she does.

This particular style is a full sew using hair extensions on natural hair. After the hair was shampooed and conditioned, Tiffany blow dried the hair and then cornrowed the client’s natural hair to form a base for the installation of the hair extensions. Tiffany then used a razor over comb technique to trim the hair extensions. For more information on this particular hairstyle, click here…

To see more of Tiffany’s work and to book your own appointment with this master cosmetologist, click here to visit the Crystal Clear Salon and Spa website. You can also give Crystal a call at (919) 491-8374.

Short Tapered Black Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls

This short and sassy look was created by one of the area’s best known cosmetologist. Kenya Young is the owner of Young Sassy & Unique Hair Salon also located at 3219 Old Chapel Hill Road Suite 203 Durham North Carolina 27707. 

To begin, Kenya prepared the scalp with a thorough shampoo and conditioner. Next, she cut the hair to the desired length and tapered the back and sides. Afterwards, Kenya used a combination of vibrant colors and the use of hair extensions to finish the look. Kenya gives a more detailed account of her styling techniques here…

To see more hairstyles from Kenya Young and to become one of the privileged few to acquire space on her appointment list, you can visit the Young, Sassy & Unique website here… also, you can reach Kenya by phone at (919) 444-9089.

The next three black hairstyles are from one of the most published cosmetologist we have ever worked with at UniversalSalons.Com. Wendy Perry has been getting models into national hair publications for over 10 years. Most of the hairstyles she creates show up in more than one publication and some are seen in the same magazine multiple times. Wendy is known for creating one look that was seen in hairstyle magazines for 4 separate issues in a row. These are Wendy’s newest creations.

A Twisted Out Curly Mohawk

Wendy performed this up-do on natural (relaxer free) hair. The hairstyle features soft curls that are designed to bounce as the models goes about her day. After the scalp was shampooed and conditioned, Wendy used a ceramic iron to silk the hair. She then used a twist technique to create knots around the hair and then styled the hair into a Mohawk in the top section. Wendy has a more detailed explanation of the hairstyle’s creation here…

The Sangria Elegant Up-Do

Wendy created this look using a chignon bun to form the up-do. Once again, Wendy shampooed and conditioned this models natural hair before any other procedures were performed. The hair was then blow dried using a blow drying lotion for protection. The hair was then flat ironed to create the silky straight look you see in the images. A deep part was then added as well as a swoop in the bang. To get more information on Wendy’s techniques concerning this hairstyle, click here…

The Urban Belle Up-Do

This last hairstyle should be filed under the categories fierce, fun, and flirty. This time Wendy created a chic side ponytail on relaxed hair.  This hairstyle is in fact an up-do with a braid around the crown and a ponytail down the side.  The back has molded curls and the bang has heavy layers. Once Wendy sectioned off the hair, she used barrel curls in the back and pulled the smaller section into a side ponytail. Next she curled the bang so as to fall just over the eye. To get more details on Wendy Perry’s Urban Belle Up-Do, click here…

To book your appointment with Wendy or to see more of her work, visit the Young, Sassy & Unique website here.  Also, feel free to give Wendy a call at (520) 465-3249.

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Contact information for each participating hair salon.

Styles So Chic
4109 Wake Forest Road
Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 532-9555

Crystal Clear Salon & Spa
3219 Old Chapel Hill Rd.
Suite #203
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 491-8374

Young Sassy & Unique Hair Salon
3219 Old Chapel Hill Rd.
Suite #203
Durham, NC 27707
Kenya Phone: (919) 444-9089   Wendy Phone: (520) 465-3249


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