Silk Press Natural Hair: Expert Stylist Weighs In

If you’re looking for a chemical-free way to achieve silky hair without damaging your natural curl pattern, meet the signature mink press. This trendy hairstyle is a buzz since it works harder and delivers better results than its predecessor, the silky press.

Stylist: Cierra Joseph
Salon: Cierra Chantel in Gary Indiana
Salon Phone: (219) 588-7344
Model: Sabrina
Makeup: Shakira Figueroa

The signature mink press gives you soft, smooth hair without compromising your curl pattern also. Need we say more? Read on to learn more about a signature mink press and why you should switch up your next hairstyle for a bold look.

About the Expert:

Cierra Chantel is a licensed, expert cosmetologist based in 1945 Broadway Gary, Indiana. She is a weaving and extensions specialist, healthy hair guru, educator, and mink press creator also. Book your next hair appointment at (219) 588-7344.

What is a Signature Mink Press?

According to expert hairstylist Cierra Chantel, “This particular hairstyle is definitely my next-level silk press. It is an elevation of a mink press that shows the versatility of being in your natural state vs being in your straightened state. The hairstyle is a step up from a silk press also.”

So, a signature mink press is a bold silk press that ensures you can straighten out your natural tresses without losing the integrity of your hair

Why should you Get a Signature Mink Press?

The cosmetologist educates you on the chemistry of your hair and why the signature mink press is your must-try hairstyle for superior versatility. You have the flexibility of switching from silky straight tresses to your natural curls without damaging the curl pattern also.

“The signature mink press prevents your hair from having heat damage or heat memory,” says acclaimed hairstylist Cierra Chantel. If you are scared of losing your hair’s curl pattern due to heat damage, the hairstyle allows you to straighten your hair as much as you want safely.

How to Care for Your Signature Mink Press at Home?

“Once you get your signature mink press done, go home with all the salon products used on your hair. These will maintain your style and keep your hair glossy, strong, and hydrated also,” says Cierra. This includes a shine serum and conditioning shampoos. “You still need to come in for hair treatments, including natural trims,” says Cierra.

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