Everyone Loves This Short Black Hairstyle With Curls

Get ready for a sexy summer cut that will accentuate your beautiful features. You can be looking sultry and boardwalk ready in no time with this short black hairstyle with curls. It’s a brilliant way to start out the summer season with a band.

Stylist: KoKo Da Barber
Salon: Shear Utopia Unisex Salon
Salon Phone: (813) 631-1900
Model: TriShana
Makeup: TriShana/KoKo

Bold Lines on This Taper Tight Fade

This is a woman’s taper tight fade on the sides with bold expression with the lines going all the way to the back underneath. It has bold color on top with some warmth of some honey blonds also. On the top, the model has a twist out to accent her afro taper. This is on natural hair.

Easy to Maintain Short Black Hairstyle With Curls

One of the best parts of this haircut is that it is so low maintenance. It is on natural hair for one. This means that the client only needs to let it grow out and get it maintained at the salon. Basically, the client needs to make sure that the fade does not grow out too much, but it can grow out to a taper if she desires. The low maintenance aspect is something that the model really likes about the hair also.

Keeping This Short Black Hairstyle With Curls Healthy

The hairstylist does steam treatments after the model is treated with a color process. She makes sure that she does the bonding inside of the bleaching so the model’s hair is not dried out. The steamer adds hydration. KoKo Da Barber, the hairstylist recommends drinking a lot of water at home so that the hair is moisturized. All the person will need to do is to condition their hair at home. Also, the client will need to ensure to do a twist out every two weeks. The hair will last three weeks until the next appointment.

If you have decided that this is the cut for you, go to KoKo Da Barber Salon: Shear Utopia Unisex Salon. It is located at 8791 Chicago Ave, Temple Terrace, FL 33617. The phone number is (813) 631-1900 also. You can book in directly with Koko Da Barber.

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