30 Awesome Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

Short, Sassy, Blonde Hairstyle from Kevin Quattlebaum

Short Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Black Women with Tapered Sides
Stylist: Kevin Quattlebaum / Salon: Personalities Hair Studio in Columbia, SC / Salon Phone: 202) 200-7183 / Model: Kristy / Makeup: Kristy Quattlebaum

This haircut has tapered sides and a flowing bang with blonde hair color. The look was created by Columbia, SC cosmetologist Kevin Quattlebaum. This hairstyle is not purely a blonde hairstyle, which means that it might be more accessible to some of the people who are reluctant to try blonde hair also. The front section of the hair is blonde, but even then, it blends seamlessly into a strawberry shade and then back to brown and black.

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