30 Awesome Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

Warm Red and Gold Highlights from Lakeishia Pipkin

Curly Sew in for Natural Hair
Stylist: Lakeishia Pipkin / Salon: Charisma Beauty Institute / Salon Phone: (910) 745-9848 Model: Janiya / Make Up: Jocelyn Combs

This curly sew-in for natural hair was created by Fayetteville, NC hair stylist Lakeishia Pipkin from Charisma Beauty Institute. Lakeishia uses splashes of warm color tones infused throughout the style to create a fiery atmosphere for this model. The hair color is a custom blend, created by Lakeishia. The sew-in, the custom hair color technique, and the intricate curl pattern create an elegant, flowing doo. This combination creates one of the top hair color ideas for black women today.

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