30 Awesome Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

Purple and Orange-Red Streaks Over Sew In Extensions from Nakia Boykin

Long Black Hairstyle for Women
Stylist: Nakia Boykin / Salon: Studio Bold And Beautiful / Salon Phone: (803) 360-1972 / Model: Rebekah / Makeup: Enrika Wilds

Imagine a hair color that you will not be tired of immediately. That is exactly what this style offers. The purples are rich and deep also. It is easy to just get lost in them. And the flairs of orange-red complement the look perfectly also. The rest of the style is red on the top and to the bottom for continuity. Red and purple are from the same color spectrum so they work well together. They create a surprisingly natural-looking contrast of hues. The only surprise is the singular flame of color sprinkled in the middle.

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