Check Out This Elegant Individual Casamas Braids Updo Hairstyle

For many fashion-forward Black women, the definition of a great hairstyle has to include being easy to maintain, doesn’t take all day to create, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and the hairstyle will last a good deal of time between salon visits. This jumbo over hand casamas braid technique is exactly what we need to meet these demands. Gaye Lamar, a professional hairstylist from The Locks House in Fayetteville, NC created this elegant individual braid updo hairstyle. The hair is brought up to resemble a beehive effect. This look features the jumbo over hand casamas braids along with burgundy hair additions.

Stylist: Gaye Lamar
Facebook: Gaye Lamar / Instagram: Gaye Lamar
Salon: The Locks House in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 703-8012
Model: Gaye
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

This Individual Braid Updo Is the Perfect Protective Hairstyle

This individual braid updo can be created quickly. It won’t break the bank to get this service. It’s also easy to maintain. This look is also a protective hairstyle. The burgundy hair additions used to create the individual braids forms a protective barrier over your own hair. This will give your hair protection from your daily environment.

Gaye shampooed and conditioned the hair. She also applied an herbal rinse to strengthen and fortify her model’s hair. These treatments will create the perfect healthy hair environment for her model underneath the casamas braids.

Casamas Braids Are Easy to Create

Gaye Lamar created this individual braids updo hairstyle in less than two hours. She used a jumbo over hand traditional casamas braid technique. This also gives the model tons of versatility while choosing different looks to wear after they leave the salon. Casamas braids give you a great protective hairstyle that is easy to change up throughout the week.

Taking Care of Your Casamas Braids Updo Hairstyle at Home

Gaye Lamar from The Locks House, located at 5945 Cliffdale Rd. in Fayetteville, NC used a beautiful Casamas braids technique to create this individual braids updo hairstyle. She also made sure it would be a breeze to take care of this elegant updo at home. To keep your individual braids hairstyle looking polished, wrap the hair with a silk or satin bonnet head covering every night and moisturize your hair partings once a week. With proper care, can last up to 12 weeks.

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