Fall in Love With This Curly Short Pixie Cut for Black Women

Pixie haircuts have always been popular in the black hair community because of their fierce lines and easy upkeep. Professional hairstylists are always pushing the boundaries though, and Natasha Frimpong from Flawless Kuts By Natasha Frimpong has definitely stepped up the game with this curly short pixie cut for Black women. The hairstyle features a three-dimensional custom hair color process, a dramatic accent design part on the side, with more length left up top. The haircut frames the face and the custom hair color highlights the model’s natural complexion. This curly short pixie cut is a great look that can easily be dressed up or down, making it the perfect hairstyle for any occasion.

Stylist: Natasha Frimpong
Facebook: Natasha Frimpong / Instagram: Flawless Kuts / Snapchat: Queen Natasha 77
Salon: Flawless Kuts By Natasha Frimpong in Olympia Fields, IL
Salon Phone: (773) 426-8523
Model: Danielle
Makeup: Kira Figueroa

Curly Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle

This curly short pixie cut hairstyle features a three-dimensional custom hair color with soft curls. The hair color is one of the most attractive features of this pixie cut. Clients rave about how the bold color gives them life. They also love how the haircut frames the face. The fact that short hair stays in place is a plus also.

The color is a three-dimensional process using different hues of copper and brown. Natasha created this color specifically for this model. The gold tones highlight her natural complexion. The soft curls create movement throughout the hairstyle and the accent part along the side is an excellent conversation piece also.

Taking Care of This Hairstyle at Home

Natasha Frimpong is a professional hairstylist located at Flawless Kuts By Natasha in Olympia, Fields, IL. Healthy hair is Natasha’s first priority. For this reason, she insists that all of her clients leave her chair with an at-home maintenance routine that will keep their hair in great condition between salon visits.  For this client, Natasha recommends a daily moisturizer, a shine spray to make the hair pop instantly, and a soft to regular holding spray. This daily routine should keep your curly short pixie cut for Black women looking salon-fresh between visits.

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