Best 11 Quick Weave Hairstyles Ideas for Summer 2022

Quick weave hairstyles are a chic trend that gives you an elegant look, is easy to maintain, and provides your hair excellent protection also. Quick weave hairstyles can cut your morning hair routine do mere minutes. They make it easy to transform your look in a short period, and they keep your hair safe while doing so. You can wear a new color of length on Tuesday and sport your natural length and texture on Thursday. While you’re out and about, enjoying life, quick weaves endure the wind, moisture, and debris of everyday life while your hair lays safely underneath the hair additions. We asked one of the premiere quick weave specialists in the United States, Stephanie Hill from Poised, Beauty and Beat Hair Studio in Columbia, SC, to help us pick the hottest quick weave hairstyles for summer 2022.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

  1. Secrets to the Perfect Short Quick Weave Bob

    Quick weave hairstyles have been a staple in the fashion world for quite some time. Divas and fashionistas, (yes there is a difference) have been sporting elegant bob haircuts in the Black community since the 1960s. The cut is timeless and so versatile, it’s easy to change up your look at a moment’s notice. The “perfect” short bob hairstyle has different characteristics depending on your desires. We sat down with professional hairstylist Melyssa McLaughlin from Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem to get some insider tips on creating the perfect short quick weave bob for you. Melyssa talks about making the ideal look that will wear well in any environment you might enter. She also talks about ways to keep your hair healthy as you’re wearing quick weave hairstyles. She finishes off by discussing the importance of having a professional hairstylist with a passion for the industry to create your new look. Short Quick Weave Bob With Highlights

  2. Fall in Love With This Long Diagonal Forward Quick Weave Bob

    you don’t have a lot of natural hair but you still want long flowing locks, then a weave is a way to go. This long diagonal forward quick weave bob by hairstylist Carla Harris from Ms.Carla’s Unique Hair Design in Columbia is the way to go if you like looking in style. The 70s style fringe is at the forefront of 2022 fashion. The flipped-out bangs are cute and they are definitely going to be trending in a big way. However, this particular style is uniquely designed, so the patron, you, will still get a complete set apart look. There are really only positives when it comes to this style. Long Diagonal Forward Quick Weave Bob

  3. 10 Secrets to Make Your Quick Weave Hairstyle With Closure Look Amazing

    n elegant way to create different looks that can be interchanged in a short period of time. This hairstyle is also a great protective style that will keep your own hair healthy as you wear the look. This quick weave with closure features a bold fuchsia hair color. An asymmetric, layered, short haircut, and an edgy curl pattern. These techniques all come together to create a stunning look. It is guaranteed to be an attention-getter and keep your own hair healthy at the same time. Carla Harris, a professional hairstylist located at Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs in Columbia, SC, created this elegant short hairstyle. Carla also took some time to give us a list of her secret techniques. They ensure that her clients’ quick weave with closure hairstyles will always look amazing. Short Quick Weave With Closure Hairstyle

  4. Want a Fun Hairstyle? Check Out This Short Quick Weave With Layers

    This short quick weave hairstyle features elegant layers throughout the length of the haircut. Short quick weave hairstyles are extremely popular because of their low maintenance requirements and fun, trendsetting look. The close-cut sides create a sense of confidence and ambition. This look was created for the assertive fashionista who loves a soft, elegant look. To add to the beauty of the hairstyle, this quick weave is also a great protective hairstyle. While you’re going about your day wearing this short quick weave with layers hairstyle, your own hair will be safely protected from the harsh elements of your daily environment underneath. Short Quick Weave Hairstyle With Layers

  5. Bringing Back the Sexy! This Quick Weave Bob With Closure Is Stunning

    The hottest trend in the black hair industry is protective hairstyles. African American women are searching for looks that will be eye-catching and keep their hair healthy at the same time. This quick weave bob with closure will do just that in a drop-dead fashion. This beautiful hairstyle features elegant layers and splashes of honey and violet hair colors. Constance Purnell, a professional hairstylist from Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC created this look. Quick Weave Bob With Closure Black Hairstyles

  6. Bold Lime Quick Weave Hairstyle from Constance Purnell in Columbia, SC

    Columbia, SC professional hairstylist Constance Purnell outdid herself with this stunning quick weave hairstyle. Constance incorporated a bold lemon-lime hair color with a precision pixie bob fusion haircut also. All of this was done while taking measures to protect the client’s own hair during the process. The precision haircut features a tapered cut on one side with beautiful layers throughout the rest. Wispy flips accentuated the layers in the front of the hairstyle also. Constance used a flat iron technique to create the remaining curl pattern. This lemon-lime quick weave hairstyle was designed to be a showstopper and showcase to the world the personality and confidence of the client. Bold Lime Quick Weave Hairstyle from Constance Purnell in Columbia, SC

  7. Check Out This Fabulous Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle from Constance Purnell

    Bob hairstyles are an elegant and timeless fashion statement. They are known for their dramatic lines and movement. Done correctly, a well-cut bob hairstyle will move as the client moves and then fall right back into place whenever she stops. UniversalSalons.Com is honored to showcase this elegant quick weave bob hairstyle from a nationally published, professional hairstylist Constance Purnell from Alter Ego Hair Salon in Columbia, SC. This bob features an inverted haircut in the back with a streak of royal blue hair color along the side. Check Out This Fabulous Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle

  8. Short Quick Weave Hairstyle with Platinum Blonde Color from Joyce Carter

    Get ready to make a bold statement with this short quick weave hairstyle with platinum blond hair color. This hairstyle also features a tapered precision haircut and elegant finger waves as well. Joyce Carter, a professional hairstylist from Unlimited Styles by Joyce HLRC in Fayetteville, NC created this look. This hairstyle is a mixture of bold lines and intricate hair color highlights. Joyce went the extra step to include a beautiful finger wave pattern around the sides as well. With the splash of the platinum blonde hair color added to the tapered haircut, Joyce Carter from Unlimited Styles by Joyce HLRC has created a fashion-forward hairstyle that is sure to be an attention-getter. Short Quick Weave Hairstyle with Platinum Blonde Hair Color

  9. Curly Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle with a Lace Closure from Stephanie Hill

    This hairstyle is a fun, flirty doo that is certain to garner all the attention at any event. This curly, quick weave bob hairstyle with a lace closure combines a trendsetting combination of style and flair that ensures you will be the center of attention wherever you go. This hairstyle also features a custom hair color technique with platinum highlights and auburn lowlights. The hair color accentuates the model’s complexion as well as creating definition throughout the style. The soft curl pattern creates movement in the bob. The beautiful part about this bob is that since it’s a quick weave, the model can transition into her new hairstyle quickly, and therefore, new hairstyles are easy to interchange. Curly Quickweave Bob Hairstyle with a Lace Closure

  10. Ghana Braids Hairstyle with a Quick Weave Ponytail from Ayana Kone’

    When you’re ready to try your hand at a long, flowing, afro-centric hairstyle, this Ghana braids hairstyle with a quick weave ponytail is the answer. This look features elegant Ghana braids in the front with a long quick weave ponytail with a deep wave pattern in the back. The hairstyle is connected using a pre-braided piece at the base of the ponytail, therefore the hairstyle has a clean look. This look is great for the office or a night on the town and with proper maintenance, it should last for two weeks or more. Ghana Braids Hairstyle with a Quickweave Ponytail

  11. Long Blonde Quick Weave with a Lace Enclosure & Curls by Stephanie Hill

    Talk about stunning! This long blonde quick weave hairstyle with a lace enclosure features full-length, voluptuous body curls for maximum elegance. Furthermore, the curls finish off this gorgeous style. The light honey golden blonde color is so striking. With a darker golden blonde root, this look achieves such real beauty through all its details, seemingly without effort. Long curls lay against the scalp and around the face in full-body waves. The curls are extending down into perfect yet natural ringlets that bounce lively with a lovely shape. The curls have volume, and a silky sheen texture that begs to be touched and demands to be admired. Long Blonde Quickweave with a Lace Enclosure & Voluptuous Curls

Best 11 Quick Weave Hairstyles Ideas for Summer 2022

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