Stunning Short Pixie Cut for Black Women: This Is What Professionals Do

Ladies spring is fast approaching! Outside is calling our names and so are the scissors. So, it is time to ditch the wigs…for now. We do not have time for blowouts that blow up because of humidity. And no, we do not have to sit under the dryer because our twist-outs are still wet. This is get-up-and-go weather that calls for a get-up-and-go style like a pixie cut! Girl, channel your inner Nia Long and just go for it. Cut it all off like Halle Berry or a personal favorite, Malinda Williams. A short pixie cut for Black women leaves your hair the same length of about 2 inches all around.

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

Stylist: Deirdre Clay
Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 864-8777
Model: Amanda
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Professional Products and Techniques Created This Short Pixie Cut for Black Women

Now before I try to convince you further, I must let you know that this is not for my natural women. This short pixie cut for black women is for my ladies who still prefer to wear a relaxed style. To achieve the look that our beautiful model is rocking so effortlessly you do not need much. That’s already a win in my book. With foam, Impact hair pomade, a small flat iron, and a good flick of the wrist from Fayetteville’s very own stylist, Deirdre Clay, this cut is brought to life by giving our model a set of finger waves. As you gaze at these glamourous shots let me take you to the shop and walk you through how this look came to be.

It All Starts With the Cut & Color

As said before our model is rocking a relaxed cut about two inches all around, and her sides are just a little longer, but if you want you can have your nape and sides tapered. This cut is then enhanced with color by adding blue-black for a little razzle-dazzle. This color allows you to still maintain a professional look for work and pop for when you are out on the weekend. Now about that foam. This foam is used to not only mold the hair but also allows for our stylist to go through our model’s hair and sculpt finger waves before wrapping it and sitting her under the dryer.

Once her hair is completely dry and she is back in the chair our stylist can go back in with styling pomade, also made by Impact, to add shine to this very sexy and classic hairstyle. Do not think we forgot about the flick of the wrist honey because that is next. Since the hair has already been molded it is time to go in with small flat iron and create coconut curls. Then to add a finishing touch Deirdre goes around the edges and the nape with edge control to help with the detail, control, and maintenance. Finishing this short pixie cut for Black women off with just a few pumps of Impact shining spray to make sure it keeps that long-lasting shine well after our model leaves the shop.

At-Home Maintenance

The maintenance of this cut is very low! All you need is a satin or mesh wrap, but for no reason whatsoever should you use ANYTHING cotton to wrap your hair if you want this style to stay alive. Cotton will dry the hair out making it a lot harder than it needs to be to keep this hairstyle. That goes for the shower as well ladies. If you know what a little bit of moisture will do to a blow out just imagine what moisture from your shower will do to this style. And your hair is already two inches from your scalp so make sure you adhere to this step if nothing else.

The goal is to not go back under the dryer remember? Too much moisture could ruin a style just as much as not having enough. It all about balance. So, you want to make sure your hair is wrapped throughout your entire beauty routine up until you are completely out of the bathroom. Just imagine having your outfit together topped with flawless makeup and the big reveal of your chic hairstyle to top it all off! This is going to be a beautiful season not only because of the weather but because of you boo!

This Short Pixie Cut for Black Women is Versatile

Do not think that just because you cut your hair that takes away from your ability to be versatile. ANY style can be changed up. Chile, Deirdre could have stopped at the molding step and left everything alone after she sat under the dryer. You can spike it, and if you want to be more daring with the color you can do more than blue-black. The whole rainbow is at your leisure if you want it to be.

Even growing your short pixie cut for Black women out would allow you to explore with an array of styles. You could just grow the top and keep the sides low or gradually grow your hair back out into a cute bob. Women all over the world have either contemplated or executed this short sleek cut. It is timeless and resurfaces throughout every generation. Never losing its ability to extenuate a woman’s beauty when there is not a lot of hair to hide. It gives the world a chance to really see those fierce cheekbones and sculpted neckline.

Want to recreate this same look? Well, you can! Come catch the wave…literally, at Wave Links Hair Studio located at 5514 Yadkin Road Ste 136 in Fayetteville North Carolina, and be sure to ask for Deirdre Clay, lovingly known as Dee to all her clients. Come in for a one-stop-shop when it comes to anything from color to, relaxer and natural styles galore. You better ask about her! Across this region, people in the hair industry know who Deirdre Clay is. A veteran in the hair game who transcends expectations. She grooms some of the best in her shop. A true teacher and storyteller. When you go to Wave Links you get to take a retreat from your everyday life, have a good time and good conversation, but most importantly you leave truly feeling yourself. Do not take my word for it. Go find out for yourself!

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