Ask the Expert: Can Sew-in Weave Hairstyles Grow Your Hair

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OK, let’s just put it out there and deal with what everyone is thinking. Do sew-in weave hairstyles tear up your hair? If they don’t tear up your hair, do sew-in weaves help you grow your own hair? The answer to these questions boils down to the person you use to install your hair weave. UniversalSalons.Com is honored to have worked with over 1000 professional hairstylists over the years. In that time, we’ve seen tons of beautiful sew-in hairstyles from some of the top professional hairstylists in the Black hair industry.

Stylist: Marcus Doss
Salon: Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 483-3870
Model: India
Makeup: Krystal Kelly

Urban Legend: Do Sew-in Weaves Damage Your Hair

It seems that the general consensus is split into two distinct camps. Half of us believe that sew-in weave hairstyles are damaging to your hair, while the other half swears that their hair growth is a direct result of the sew-ins they wear. The truth lies somewhere in between.

For answers, we went to one of the most accomplished professional black hairstylists in the industry today. Marcus Doss is a nationally published hairstylist, salon owner, and he also has developed his own line of quality hair additions. Marcus tells us the answer is simple: when you use someone to install your hair additions that don’t understand healthy hair requirements, you’re going to have problems. “It really depends on the way your additions are installed as to whether they will help with your hair growth or not,” Marcus says.

Long, Sew-in Weave With Curls From Marcus Doss

The hairstyle in these images is a perfect example of a properly installed sew-in hairstyle. Before the hair additions were applied, Marcus gave his model a deep conditioning shampoo service. This would ensure that the model’s hair would receive the essential nutrients and stay hydrated during the process also. Marcus says the difference between an install that will aid hair growth and one that might damage your hair starts before the hair additions are applied. Marcus says that this particular model has grown her hair over eight inches in the last few years.

Use Sew-in Weaves as a Protective Hairstyle

Properly installed weaves are considered “protective” hairstyles because they shield your hair from the harsh elements of everyday life. While your hair additions are styled in an elegant look, it’s also dealing with all of the effects of the dust, wind, and debris of your environment. The hair additions are braving the environment while your own hair is safely braided or molded underneath the style.

Marcus took an extra step and applied a net between the model’s hair and her hair additions. This helps to protect the model’s hair also. Another technique that could cause damage is if the hair additions are sewn in too tight. Sew-in weave hairstyles that are installed too tight can cause stress on the scalp and even hair loss also. A professional hairstylist like Marcus understands the amount of resistance your hair can take. He’ll start your procedure by performing a stress test on your hair. A stress test will give Marcus the data he needs to design the perfect hairstyle that will be drop-dead gorgeous and will protect your own hair also.

Introducing Marcus Doss from Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville, NC


Marcus Doss has earned a reputation in the Black hair industry as an innovative artist and savvy entrepreneur also. Marcus is the owner of Marcus Doss Salon, located at 2203 Southern Ave. in Fayetteville, NC. He has a portfolio full of satisfied clients who have relied on his expert knowledge and professional techniques to help them keep their hair healthy and growing. The answer to the question of whether sew-in weave hairstyles damage your hair really depends on the person you choose to install the additions. We recommend you use someone with a track record of helping their clients grow their hair. We recommend a professional like Marcus Doss. Give Marcus a call at (910) 483-3870.

Tips to the Perfect Sew-in Weaves Hairstyle

Choose a Professional Hairstylist

Have someone install your hair additions that understands the science of cosmetology. This is the primary factor that determines your hair growth.

Prepare Your Hair for a Protective Hairstyle

Make sure your hair is properly prepared for the sew-in weave hairstyle you want. Things like conditioning and hydrating shampoos are essential to keep your hair healthy through the process.

Make Sure Your Hair Additions Are Not Installed Too Tight

Improperly installed hair additions can be too tight and cause damage or even hair loss.

Use High Quality Hair Additions

Quality hair additions give you more options when you styl your hair. They give consistent results and the hairstyle usually lasts longer also.

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