Guaranteed No Stress Chin-Length Curly Haircut You Will Love

After all of the trials and turmoil of the last year, it’s time to bring some excitement back into our lives. This chin-length curly haircut is just the ticket to rid us of our COVID lockdown blues. This look features bouncy curls and a bold hair color that can be easily toned down for more conservative environments. The hair color is applied over the model’s relaxer-free hair which can be tricky. Luckily this beautiful chin-length hairstyle was created by professional hairstylist Patricia Clinkscales from Why Knot Hair Salon in Fayetteville, NC.

Stylist: Patricia Clinkscales
Facebook / Instagram: @justasktrish
Salon: Why Knot? Hair Salon in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 583-5161
Model: Jessica
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Vibrant Chin-Length Curly Haircut

Patricia’s model loves to live life to the fullest. To showcase her bubbly personality, Patricia decided to give her a daring bob haircut with bouncy curls and vibrant hair color. The total look is a definite attention-getter. Patricia weighted the color on one side of the hair so that a simple change in the placing of the part can create a more subtle look. The color is a custom blend of different hues of teal, sapphire, and blonde colors.

Hair Additions Give You Choices

Patricia applied some human hair additions to the back of the head in order to give her model a more dramatic cut without drastically changing the model’s natural hairline. The technique gives you the dramatic angles you want without the commitment of having to wait for your hair to grow back into its previous form.

Great for These Hot Summer Days

We asked the model what her favorite features of this chin-length curly haircut were. She says she loves the way the bob haircut frames her face. She also notes that shorter hair is great for these hot summer days. Most importantly, she likes to be different sassy. She likes hairstyles with a little fire in them.

This Chin-Length Curly Haircut is Easy to Maintain

Patricia made sure her model would have no problem keeping this chin-length curly haircut looking good. For at-home maintenance, all the model needs to do is wrap her hair at night and pin-curl the top. With proper maintenance, Patricia says this curly style with color should last about two weeks.

Introducing Patricia Clinkscales from Why Knot Hair Salon in Fayetteville, NC

Patricia Clinkscales is a published professional hairstylist and salon owner. She is located at why Knot Hair Salon, 5338 Yadkin Rd. in Fayetteville, NC. You can find her online at, on Facebook and Instagram @justasktrish. Feel free to give her a call at (910) 583-5161.

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