Check Out This Stunning Asymmetrical Bob on Natural Hair

Bob hairstyles seem to transcend time in the fashion industry. Bobs are seemingly always on trend because of the many variations created by talented professional hairstylists across the world. Celebrities like Rihanna and Taraji P. Henson sport beautiful bobs in some of their most iconic looks. Winston-Salem-based professional hairstylist Tiffany Welch added her techniques and artistic eye to this new spin on the classic asymmetrical bob.  Tiffany’s model is sporting her natural locks and Tiffany wanted to showcase the model’s healthy, shining tresses in this asymmetrical bob on natural hair. The look features soft curls at the end of the model’s presses hair. Tiffany gave her model a two-stage precision haircut as well.

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Stylist: Tiffany Welch
Salon: Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC
Salon Phone: (336) 765-9007
Model: Joiya
Makeup: Kendra Wilson

Beautiful Asymmetrical Bob on Natural Hair

The beauty of this hairstyle lies in the care Tiffany took to create the perfect look for this model. Tiffany is located at Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC. She started out by giving her model a thorough deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner. Deep conditioning treatments infuse moisture and nutrients into your hair to create a healthy environment for the style. Natural hairstyles usually need more moisture, especially if heat is going to be added during the design process.

Two-Stage Precision Haircut on This Asymmetrical Bob on Natural Hair

After the shampoo and conditioner, Tiffany gave her model a precision, two-stage haircut. The cut ended up taking between an inch and a half to two inches off her model’s length also. To create an asymmetrical look, Tiffany left some extra length on the right side. To get the movement, she wanted in his asymmetrical bob on natural hair, Tiffany used a razor cut technique. She used a barber cut technique to create bold lines at the ends also.

Silk Pressed Hair Creates Smooth Lines

Tiffany straightened the model’s hair using a silk press technique rather than using harsh chemicals. To ensure she would not damage her model’s natural curl pattern, Tiffany used small partings and medium to low heat during the process. These steps are especially important when you have thick hair. Keeping the heat level between 325 and 350 degrees will help to retain the natural curl pattern.

Introducing Tiffany Welch from Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC

This asymmetrical bob on natural hair was created by professional hairstylist Tiffany Welch from Corey Paul’s Hair Studio, located at 636 Hanes Mall Blvd. in Winston-Salem, NC. This hairstyle features soft lines and elegant curls at the ends also. It has the added benefit of keeping the model’s hair healthy at the same time.  Stop by the salon and let Tiffany create a signature hairstyle for you. You can also give her a call at (336) 765-9007.

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