Secrets To a Stunning Platinum Blonde Short Hairstyle for Black Women

Those looking for a new look can always go short. This platinum blonde, relaxer-free hairstyle is one of the freshest short cuts out there. It’s platinum blonde, which means that it’s very daring. However, it’s a new style for short natural haircuts for black women. It’s one of the best new looks out there if a person wants to take the plunge and do something with short, natural hair. Winston-Salem based professional hairstylist Corey Paul designed this platinum blonde, short hairstyle.

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Stylist: Corey Paul
Salon: Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salm, NC
Salon Phone: (336) 765-9007
Model: Destiny
Makeup: April Durham

Professional Hair Color Techniques

The model used here started with a level 3, which was her natural color. A level 3 is black. That means that if a person has black hair, they can apply a platinum blonde hair color in less time. Of course, it’s imperative to go to a professional hairstylist like Corey Paul from Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC, to achieve a look like the one in these images.

Corey managed to do this in just two steps. First, there was the pre-lightening. After that, there was the toner. The pre-lightening is what got the shade to a blond. The toner gives the hair a nice platinum cool look instead of a warm, brassy tone. The hair looks to be in excellent condition even though it had a lot of processing done. This platinum blonde color process created by Corey Paul proves that a black woman can get a platinum look on natural hair with the right stylist.

This Platinum Blonde Short Hairstyle Starts With the Cut

Aside from the surprisingly simple color processing in this platinum blonde short hairstyle, this cut has some other quirks to it. It is a relaxer-free look. It seems too that a person would not want to do relaxer with the color process. However, if a person wants straight hair on the icy blond, they must get a hair straightener. Those that go up to high temperatures are important as black hair can be more difficult to straighten. Women should look for professional quality straighteners with temperature control.

After coloring the hair, the wearer should silk the hair straight with the straightening iron. This first step is to try to tame the tresses and get the hair worked out to a uniform state. After this, a person will want to go back in and add texture. Adding texture means curling the hair on the ends so that it’s not bone straight.

Stunning Haircut With Versatility from Corey Paul Salon

Corey Paul wants a potential client to know that a person can do a lot with this platinum blonde short hairstyle. One can wear it straight, curly, on the face, or off the front. The client can wear it to the left or the right, so the haircut is very versatile. She can even do a mohawk if she wants to.

To take care of this platinum blonde short hairstyle at home, make sure you sleep on a satin pillowcase at night. Then she can put some shine or gloss spray on in the mornings.

Platinum Blonde Short Hairstyles Rock!

The stylist recommends going short because “It is way, way more fun than long hair. It’s free and empowering. Now, of course, you must be confident wearing short hair. Everybody can’t wear short hair, but if you have the confidence to rock it, it just makes you feel so attractive, so sexy.” If that quote didn’t convince a person to go out and get this style, we don’t know what will.

Trust Your Hair to a Professional Like Corey Paul From Corey Paul’s Hair Studios

Often women struggle with short hair if it’s the first time. However, the results can accentuate a beautiful face. Women with good looks sometimes may feel that hair adds to their beauty. Hair does add to beauty with excellent haircuts. However, sometimes the face drowns in a long hair look, and people don’t notice features. As is the case with this platinum blonde short hairstyle model, all the piercing and the eyes are noticeable. Any makeup that one puts on will stand out.

Those who are too intimidated to do the hair at home can always go to a professional hair stylist to get it styled. A person may not feel comfortable texturizing the ends. A professional hairstylist like Corey Paul will ensure that you have a perfect look. The extra care will not go unnoticed by people.

Highlight Your Natural Features

Just be prepared for people to notice your features like never before if you get this platinum blonde short hairstyle. When one looks at the model, one can see that the cheekbones pop out. Highlighting facial features can happen when you put on a little bit of blush. The cheekbones will pop out.

The platinum color looks great on black women’s skin tone. It’s good too to get a short haircut with platinum blonde hair color. When the hair is long, and one tries to go platinum, it may not work without a weave. Protecting the hair’s health is why it’s best to do short haircuts with platinum blonde hair color. That way, the hair can stay healthier.

Stand Out in a Crowd With This Platinum Blonde Short Hairstyle

All in all, this platinum blonde short hairstyle is an excellent cut for people that like to look unique. The platinum look always makes a statement. It always tells people that a bombshell is in the vicinity. Going platinum can be a real confidence booster. Then you will also know the true answer if blonds have more fun in life.

Introducing Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC

Summer is coming up, and with the COVID-19 happenings, you will want to do something nice for yourself. The stylists all wear masks, so you do not have to feel uncomfortable in the salon. There are also limits as to how many people can be in the salon at one time.

It’s time for some short hair to brave the hot weather. You will stay cool will this platinum blonde short hairstyle. You will also feel beautiful in your summer clothes, walking around with a cut that is so different. People will stare a bit, but that’s OK. We need to give the people something beautiful to look at to boost their spirits. After so much quarantining, we all need a morale booster.

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