The Best Short, Curly Black Hairstyle Idea You Will See This Summer

Short Curly Black Hairstyle
Stylist: Jonny “Klipz” Jackson / Salon Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC / Salon Phone: (336) 765-9007 / Model: Anaya / Makeup: Deirdre Clay

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Short, Curly Black Hairstyles Are Perfect for Summer

It’s that time of year again! Summertime, so why not get a dazzling, new hairstyle to go along with it? You’ve got to stop by and check out Corey Paul’s Hair Studio, today! Simply ask for the trending, short, curly black hairstyle. It is a gorgeous black hairstyle with luscious curls, that is sure to leave a lasting impression in all of your fun, summer photos!

Stylist: Jonny “Klipz” Jackson
Salon: Corey Paul’s Hair Studio in Winston-Salem, NC
Salon Phone: (336) 765-9007
Model: Anaya
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Accentuate Your Natural Features

This hairstyle is short, it frames the face, which means you’ll feel cooler during the hot summer months. Shorter styles also mean that it’s easier to manage and maintain too. No spending hours trying to get your hair to look just right. It’s easy, breezy, and requires very little upkeep. This short, curly black hairstyle helps to shape your beautiful face and is sure to help your natural features really shine through! This unique and beautiful hairstyle draws attention to your face and is not only beautiful, but it’s very in style right now!

This Short, Curly Black Hairstyle is Easy to Maintain

This unique and lovely short, curly black hairstyle requires no chemical relaxers and other harsh chemicals. This will give your hair more movement and body. Not to mention, a lack of chemicals leaves your hair with a shiny and silky finish! So, not only does it look healthier and shiner, but it’s also better for your hair too. It’s a win-win!

Introducing Jonny “Klipz” Jackson

The salon that offers this incredible style is Corey Paul’s Hair Studio . It is located in Winston Salem, NC. The phone number is (336) 765-9007. Call today to set up an appointment! Ask for Johnny “Klipz” Jackson. Jonny is the artists behind this gorgeous look, and you are sure to get the very best care!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste another second! Come on down to Corey Paul’s Hair Studio, today! Transform yourself with this short, curly black hairstyle!

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