Fall in Love With This Funky Barrel Twist Loc Updo Hairstyle

The decision to go on a locs journey requires more than just a hairstyle change, it is actually a lifestyle change. One way to spice things up is to incorporate intricate looks like the barrel twist locs updo in these images. Locs are a natural way to motivate hair growth and they pay homage to our ancestral history also. Many people make the mistake of assuming that once you’ve made the decision to grow locs, your hairstyle choices will be very limited. In actuality, professional hairstylists across the country are creating innovative versions of locs hairstyles that will create endless hairstyling possibilities. One such hairstylist is Tish Summers. Tish is a locs specialist, professional hairstylist, and the owner of Shear Diva Designz in Fayetteville, NC.

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Stylist: Tish Summers
Salon: Shear Diva Designz in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 882-1579
Model: Danielle
Makeup: Krystal Kelly

Barrel Twist Locs Updo Hairstyle

The beauty of this barrel twist locs updo hairstyle is its versatility. This is a great look for any formal occasion, yet it works as an everyday hairstyle also. Wearing your hair up in a bun gives you the ability to be more active without your long locs getting in the way.  Tish created the updo by using a barrel twist technique to bring the locs up into a chignon bun. A barrel twist is a loc styling method where a loc is wrapped around several other locs to form a cylinder. This could be considered a protective hairstyle also. The placement of the barrel twist and the chignon bun actually protect the hair from the effects of your daily environment.

Add Color Accents for Spice

Tish Summers went the extra step to add strands of green yarn to the front of this barrel twist loc updo hairstyle. The color from the yarn accents gives a great contrast to the earth tone colors of the model’s hair. The end result is a barely noticeable flair that sets the hairstyle apart without creating an obtrusive presence. The accents are applied before the barrel twist technique begins. Tish wrapped the yarn around individual locs, creating a faux loc. As the yarn is intertwined into the twist, the illusion of a hair color technique is created also. The model has the ability to remove the yarn before her next salon visit, if she chooses.

Barrel Twist Locs Updos Are Great for Mature Locs

The model in these images has been a client of Trish’s for quite some time. Her has has grown to waist length. Intricate updos like this barrel twist updo hairstyle are perfect for those who deal with mature locs. The hairstyle ensures that the long locs will not get in the way of the model’s everyday life. Tish has her locs clients come in on a monthly basis for a locs maintenance treatment and to inspect the locs also. Each month Tish will use the information from the locs evaluation to create an maintenance routine that will ensure continued healthy hair growth. These monthly salon visits are credited for the length and vitality of the model’s hair.

Taking Care of This Barrel Twist Locs Updo Hairstyle

Each month Tish brings her locs clients into the salon for a maintenance regimen. This usually consists of either a deep cleansing or a fortifying shampoo and conditioner. The client also receives a detoxify treatment at this time. Finally Tish will examine the locs and retwist loose sections and style the client’s hair. This regimen may seem complex, but it is needed to ensure that the client’s locs grow in a healthy manner. Tish will always adjust the maintenance regimen if the demands of her client’s hair call for it.

As for taking care of this barrel twist loc updo hairstyle at home, it’s rather simple. Tish recommends using a silk or satin bonnet to wrap your hair at night. This is done to keep debris out of the hair and to reduce the chances of your hair coming in contact with cotton. Cotton products will dry out your hair and can leave residual debris in the hair. Silk or satin cloths will reduce friction and keep lint out of the hairstyle also. Tish also recommends her clients use a light oil sheen and a leave-in conditioner on a daily basis.


This barrel twist locs updo hairstyle is the perfect everyday look that will also enhance any formal attire you choose to adorn. It is a protective hairstyle that promotes healthy hair growth and it’s incredibly easy to maintain. The look was created by Tish Summers from Shear Diva Designz, 4804 Ramsey Street, Suite 104, in Fayetteville, NC.  Stop by the salon or give Tish a call at (910) 882-1579. Let Tish Summers create a signature loc updo hairstyle for you.

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