20 Alluring Black Hairstyles for Valentines Day 2021

Ladies, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The simple question is, are you ready? If you’re looking for that perfect hairstyle to finish off your Valentine’s Day ensemble, breath easy, we’ve got you covered. Our editor’s dived into our library of over 5,000 hairstyles to find the hottest Black hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2021. These hairstyles come in every shape and range. We’ve got pixie haircuts, long sew-ins, natural hairstyles, and quick weaves. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This article is full of new and exciting hairstyles from some of the top professional hairstylists in the United States today. Sit back and enjoy. If you see a hairstyle that touches your heart, give the hairstylist that created it a call and give them the opportunity to create a signature look for you.

Natural Hair Color Ideas for African American Women

One of the Best Natural Hair Color Ideas for African American Women

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes 2020 has been a wild and crazy year. One of the brighter aspects of 2020 has been the continuing trend in African American culture to relaxer-free hair. Whether it came about from the government lockdown of professional hair salons across the US, or the result of a desire to live a more carefree life, natural hairstyles are the hottest look in the Black hairstyles industry right now. Just because you ...
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Long Microlink Hair Extensions

10 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Microlink Hair Extensions

Microlink Hair Extensions are healthy, braid less way to add length to your current hairstyle. This is also an excellent technique to use for those fashionistas that might want to try a new hair color without the commitment of a color process on their own hair. A microlink technique consists of attaching hair additions directly to your hair by way of a small silicone connector. When applied correctly, microlink hair extensions are safe and healthy ...
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Bohemian Curls Sew-In Hairstyle With Hair Color

Elegance Reborn With This Bohemian Curls Sew-In Hairstyle

Bohemian curls are one of the hottest black hairstyle trends in America today. Hairstyles like this are some of the hardest looks to pull off also. It’s one of those carefree, get-up-and-go hairstyles that, just happens to fall in place perfectly. Everyone wants to look like they don’t spend a lifetime in the mirror working on their hair but in reality, that look isn’t easy to pull off. Professional hairstylist Nakia Boykin from Studio Bold ...
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Long Goddess Locs in Fayetteville, NC

How to Make Your Long Goddess Locs Look Like a Million Bucks

Long goddess locs are one of the most sought-after hairstyles for black women this year. When they are installed correctly, long goddess locs are trendy, they’re incredibly easy to maintain, and goddess locs are an excellent protective hairstyle for anyone trying to grow out their own hair. The issue many women have are improper installation of their locs. After all, goddess locs are a form of faux locs, meaning hair additions will need to be ...
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Long Lace front Wig Hairstyle From Chondra Wilson in Charlotte, NC

Professional Salon Secrets to the Perfect Lace Front Wig Hairstyle

Lace front wigs are a staple in many African American women’s style collection. They are designed to be a quick alternative to wearing your own hair out in the elements. Lace front wigs are distinguished by the small strip of lace going across the front of the hairline. This particular lace front wig hairstyle features long flowing tresses with wand curls throughout and an ash blonde hair color that was customized for this model. This ...
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Long Knotless Box Braids Hairstyle

How to Make Your Knotless Box Braids Look Like a Million Bucks

There is an allure to knotless box braids that harken back to ancient times. They take us back to a time of the Egyptians and other African dynasties. Knotless box braids are elegant and sleek. The uniform parts bring a sense of order to a bold hairstyle. Ta’Shara is a professional hairstylist located at Just Gorgeous Braids LLC in Charlotte, NC created this beautiful braids hairstyle using synthetic hair additions. The braids were added using ...
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Long silk Press Hairstyle With Layers

Want To Step Up Your Silk Press Hairstyle? You Need To Read This First

Long flowing hair for women with a tight, curly, hair texture doesn’t have to be a hassle. A great way to achieve long, beautiful tresses without the use of chemicals is to receive a silk press hairstyle. To receive a silk press, your hairstylist will blow dry your hair and use a flat iron to straighten it. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? In reality, silk press hairstyles need to be created specifically for each ...
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Curly Red Ombre Hairstyle for Black Women

You’ll Love This Curly Ombre Hairstyle for Black Women in 2020

Ombre hairstyles add an exciting dimension to any fashion ensemble. Professional hairstylist Gwendolyn Coxum from Salon Hair Forte in Dunn, NC added elegant beach wave curls to this red ombre hair color and created a fun, bouncy curly ombre hairstyle for black women that will look good in any professional or leisure setting. Ombres take your hair from a darker color at the root area to a lighter color on the ends. Gwendolyn Coxum started ...
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Bob Hairstyle With feathered Bangs

This Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle With Feathered Bangs and Color is Fire!

There is something special about a well-designed bob haircut. Deidre Clay from Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC took this bob hairstyle to a whole new level when she added a customized tri-color process and a feathered bang to this asymmetrical bob hairstyle. The fusion of the soft tones in the hair color mixed with the movement of the feathered bang creates a new dimension in bob hairstyles. Deirdre designed this asymmetrical bob ...
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Deep Side Part Ponytail Hairstyle from Tish Summers in Fayetteville, NC

Deep Side Part Ponytail Hairstyle from Tish Summers in Fayetteville, NC

There are events that we all go to where it’s not enough to just look beautiful, we need to be the focal point of the evening. You will surely achieve that goal with this elegant deep side part ponytail hairstyle. This look features 30-inch hair additions with soft, fun curls at the ends. The sleek long lines of the ponytail are highlighted by the fun curls. Together, they showcase the movement of this deep side ...
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Beautiful Natural Braid Out Hairstyle by Deirdre Clay in Fayetteville, NC

Beautiful Natural Braid Out Hairstyle by Dierdre Clay in Fayetteville, NC

We love the carefree look of long loose curls. There is something about a look that gives the impression that it, “accidentally” falls perfectly in place. That’s exactly what we have in this long natural braid out hairstyle. The loose curls that flow throughout the style were created using a braid out technique also. Deirdre Clay, a professional hairstylist from Fayetteville, NC, braided the hair while it was wet. She then pulled the braids apart ...
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Ultra Chic Sew In Bob Hairstyle from Tiffany Thames in Kernersville, NC

Ultra Chic Sew-In Bob Hairstyle from Tiffany Thames in Kernersville, NC

When it comes to having a short, symmetrical bob, this hairstyle from Tiffany Thames is a beautiful representation of all a modern bob can be. Tiffany is a professional hairstylist located at Main attraction Hair Studio in Kernersville, NC. This is a sew-in bob hairstyle using Brazilian hair also. The result is smooth, sleek, and perfectly straight hair. The look mimics the singer Aaliyah. If you like large hoops, the hairstyle works exceptionally well. This ...
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Natural Haircut for Black Females From Katrina Payne in Walterboro, SC

Natural Haircut for Black Females From Katrina Payne in Walterboro, SC

Natural hairstyles are a large part of African American fashion. The desire to take ownership of our natural hair texture has as much to do with pride in one’s self as it does in having the trendiest hairstyle. This short natural hairstyle for black females is the definition of bold and vibrant. The short haircut is a combination of both barber and shear over comb techniques from one of Walterboro’s top professional hairstylists, Katrina Payne ...
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Cover: Elegant Short Hair and Bangs from Ursula Kershaw in Charleston, SC

Elegant Short Hair and Bangs from Ursula Kershaw in Charleston, SC

There is a certain appeal to beautiful short hairstyles for black women. Short hairstyles invoke the appearance of a take-charge go-getter that knows what they want and how to get it. Short styles take us back to the days when Halle Berry would rock a designer haircut in movies like Boomerang or Swordfish. Halle proved that you could be a major box office draw with short well-coiffed locks. The short hair and bangs hairstyle featured ...
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Hot Shaved Twist Out Hairstyle from Rasheeda Clark in Charleston, SC

Hot Shaved Twist Out Hairstyle from Rasheeda Clark in Charleston, SC

This elegant twist out hairstyle was created by Charleston, SC professional hairstylist Rasheeda Clark. The style was created on the client’s relaxed hair using a barber cut technique around the sides and a vibrant semi-permanent red hair color also. The highlight of this hairstyle is the beautiful twist out curl pattern that gives the impression of a carefree personality. While this hairstyle is designed to be low maintenance, it is a great look for any ...
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Layered Bob Haircut on Natural Hair from Fredricka Taylor in Sumpter, SC

Layered Bob Haircut on Natural Hair from Fredricka Taylor in Sumpter, SC

Natural hairstyles are growing in popularity every day. Fredricka Taylor from F and D Professional Salon in Sumpter, SC gave this model a polished, relaxed look without the use of chemicals. Fredricka uses a silk press technique, along with a custom hair color to create this layered bob haircut on natural hair. This mid-length hairstyle features a precision haircut as well as the custom hair color mentioned before. The different techniques combine to create an ...
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Short Precision Haircut from Shana Lucky-Scipio in Darlington, SC

Short Precision Haircut from Shana Lucky-Scipio in Darlington, SC

Short hairstyles for black women will never go out of style. From the days of Josephine Baker, short hairstyles have been used by African American women to showcase their self-confidence. This look is a short precision haircut with soft curls around the sides and spikes in the top. The beautiful aspect of this hairstyle is its versatility. This short haircut will look great in any situation also. You can wear it in the boardroom during ...
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Chic Pin Curl Updo from Kevin Quattlebaum in Columbia, SC

Pin Curl Updo on Natural Hair from Kevin Quattlebaum in Columbia, SC

It is so refreshing to see talented artists performing their craft. That’s what you see when you look at this pin curl updo on natural hair. The hairstyle is from Columbia, SC professional hairstylist Kevin Quattlebaum. This hairstyle is fierce on several levels. The client’s hair is meticulously protected throughout the process. Kevin created a custom hair color process specifically for this client also. The focal point of the look is the pin curl updo ...
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Beautiful Handcrafted Permanent Loc Extensions

Beautiful Handcrafted Permanent Loc Extensions from Shamone Barnes

Today’s afro-centric minded individual doesn’t have to wait years in order to achieve the look of long, thick natural dreadlocks. Now you can achieve the look of a well-seasoned loc hairstyle with the help of permanent loc extensions. Master hairstylist Shamone Barnes from Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC has taken this trend one step further by custom-making the loc extensions by hand. Salon Planted is a premiere loc extensions salon in Charlotte, NC. Shamone understands ...
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Modern Pixie Haircut for Black Women

Modern Pixie Cut Hairstyle from Ashlee Gradic

We all know that everyone can’t rock a short cut, and we all know that everyone cannot execute a short cut. If you are one of the sassy lovelies that are desiring a sharp short do, then let me recommend this stylist for you! Ashlee Gradic has many skills, but one of her obvious hairstyling abilities is this modern pixie cut hairstyle! Salon: Style Rich SalonStylist: Ashlee GradicModel: FelishaMake Up: Enrika Wilds Modern Pixie Cut ...
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Each of the hairstyles in this article were created by professional hairstylists from around the United States. Treat yourself to the perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyle by choosing one of these exciting and innovative Black hairstyles. If you still need some help to find the perfect hairstyle that truly inspires you, check out our entire black hairstyle’s gallery. It has over 5,000 looks with images showing every angle. Just like the hairstyles featured in our Valentine’s Day article, very hairstyle in our Black hairstyles gallery was created by professional hairstylists also.

20 Alluring Black Hairstyles for Valentines Day 2021

Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles are the dominating trend in the Black hairstyles industry right now.


Microlinks are a nw and exciting way to add length to your hair and increase styling versatility also.

Bohemian Curls

Bohemian curls portray the classic care-free lifestyle. Your hair will look like you did nothing to it, yet it flawlessy falls right back in place.

Goddess Locs

Goddess locs are a popular form of faux locs with the coils curled at the ends.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs create the ability to quickly change up your look depending on your needs. They can be a protective hairstyle also.

Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids are beautiful because of their symmetry and length. They also pay homage to our rich history.

Silk Press Hairstyles

Silk press hairstyles are the perfect look for anyone wanting to straighten their natural hair.

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair colors add a new deminsion to any hairstyle. The color techniques creates an ye catching gradient from light to dark.

Asymmetric Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts are a classic in the Black hair industry. Asymmetric bobs add a higher level of flair be creating beautiful uneven sides.

Side Part Ponytail

Long, sleek, side part ponytails can be worn in any situation. They work well from the gym to the most elegant affair.

Braid Out Hairstyles

Braid out hairstyles are another way to get a beautiful carefree look.

Sew-in Bob Hairstyles

Sew-in bobs are great for instantly creating a look with dramatic lines in the cut, that you can change up whenever you want.

Natural Brush Cuts

Natural hairstyles cut close to the scalp are increasing in popularity. Most ladies add a bold hair color to further signify their confidence.

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